John John Florence: Taylor Swift's Next Love Target?

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The surf might be up for Taylor Swift.

According to Life & Style sources, the singer is "falling fast" for John John Lawrence, a native of Hawaii and a professional surfer.

Taylor Swift Out and About

Swift, who has embarked on her Red tour and has not been linked to a love interest in weeks, went out of her way to contact Florence, the tabloid alleges, and the two have been "text-messaging" for a couple weeks.

Just how serious is the relationship? Not very, the source says:

“I don’t think they’ve hung out yet. They’ve just been chatting.”

Expect that to change soon, however, Taylor is afraid of ending up alone in a bathtub and is unafraid to admit she is looking for love.

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Taylor is a beautiful woman just waiting for the right guy to come along. In the meanwhile a girl has to eat. So let her continue to date and go to dinner.


What is hard to believe is that we all Know for a fact that this story is total BS because the two have never met or even know each other, It is truly crazy that stupid people post here thinking it is true.


I must say, Taylor Swift really and truly gets around! Her dating life would genuinely make "Sex and the City"'s Samantha chartreuse with envy. It looks as though John John Florence has a hot chick in his future. Best buckle in, John John--Taylor has honestly drawn a bead on you!

@ duane

I take it you believe everything you read huh. But...even if she did date everyone they say she has it doesn't mean she sleeps with them. Get your mind out of the gutter for Pete's sake.


With all the publicity about this little freak... why would any guy want to get envolved with her. Talk about getting used material????

@ McKay

Just like I told another commenter....don't believe everything you read.....and even if she dates every man in the free world it doesn't make her 'used material'...not every girl sleeps with every guy she dates. smh


Taylor is a female player, don't hate on her to much. remember Madonna back in the day, yeah you remember it's like that!


He has to be younger than her..... she cannot handle a relationship with a GROWN man! sick of her....


It's very hard to believe that Taylor Swift finds so many men interested in her obnoxious personality.Perhaps she pays them!?I would suggest avoiding her like the plague


She's afraid to end up alone in a bathtub? Huh? Who is she referring to? Whitney Houston? What is behind THAT comment. Wow.

@ Barbara

Rhianna's video/song STAY..... and this coming from someone that gets her song material from her break ups.... lol....


Are these people not busy enough to just focus on their careers? Why do they have to constantly BE in a relationship? One right after the other? What in the heck are they looking for??? They already have everything they need; fame, fortune, friends. Good grief.


Fred , mel, abe, are you sure you are men?because if I dated her and she wrote a song about me GOOD or BAD I would hold my head up high and say.I affected one of the hottest mega stars on the planet enough that she sang a song about me.Grow a set little boys.

@ dude

I'm proud of your comment. For once
a man of reasoning instead of finding

@ dude

She looks better than most and she's young. Of course she wants a relationship. Stop bashing ppl.