Jennifer Capriati Charged With Battery, Stalking

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Jennifer Capriati, the former teen tennis prodigy and top-ranked player in the world, has been charged with stalking and battery against an ex.


The charges stem from an incident on Valentine's Day.

According to North Palm Beach, Fla., police, Jennifer Capriati approached her ex-boyfriend, Ivan Brannan, at a gym and began screaming at him.

When he tried to leave by going to the locker room, Capriati punched Brannan in the chest after blocking his exit; someone at the gym called the cops.

The summons indicates that she "actually and intentionally touch[ed] and [struck]" Brannan and "willfully, maliciously and repeatedly follow[ed], harass[ed]" him.

According to county records, Capriati, who's had a host of (mostly minor) legal run-ins over the years, has been summoned to appear before a judge April 17.

However, the retired athlete has not been arrested for the incident.

Capriati, 36, turned pro in 1990 (seriously), then staged a remarkable comeback to become world #1 and won three Grand Slam titles from 2001-02.

She was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame last year.


She sure doesn't sound like wife material to me. Females like Jennifer Capriati are the reason why this nation really needs to REEVALUATE THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF FEMINISM
AND EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN. So far,it doesn't seem to be working out very well for EITHER side.
More abusive relationships(like the one described here),more divorced single mothers, neglected/abused children, good fathers being denied
rights to their children,gradual breakdown of family standards. ALL THIS BECAUSE WOMEN WANT TO BE EQUAL!!! IS IT WORTH ALL THIS DRAMA? Not really. It was much better in the 'Mad Men' era, when women were basically seen and not heard. I ,for one ,have heard enough.

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