Ice Cream Guy Won't Share With Girlfriend, Becomes Star of NBA Game

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Some guy became a viral star this week after denying his girlfriend ice cream not once, but twice at an NBA game ... hey, it was mint chocolate chip, okay?

The poor girl just wanted a small taste, but without ever taking his eyes off the enthralling Magic-Pacers tilt, Ice Cream Guy and his beard were NOT having it.

The NBA "analysts" back in the studio had way too much fun deconstructing this clip, and the duo's clearly troubled relationship, afterward as well.

Take a look at the video breakdown below:


For all you know it's his sister.....


What an arsehole.


she needs to dump him and get a real guy, not only will he share but hes to cheap to buy her her own ice cream, shes way to cute for him anyway


LMAO! He's watching a good game while enjoying a good snack. I'd definitely do the same thing! Stop interrupting buy your own Ice-cream.

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