Ian Somerhalder or Stephen Amell: Who Should Star in Fifty Shades of Grey?

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There are many strong candidates for the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, but two have really piqued our interest.

Arrow star Stephen Amell confirms he "had a meeting" with producers about it, while Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder has openly coveted the part.

So, with no offense to Matt Bomer, if we're forced to pick between these two CW stars, who would you want to see as Christian grey in 50 Shades?

And the Winner is?

Ian Somerhalder or Stephen Amell: Who should star in 50 Shades of Grey? Cast your vote for one of these two rumored picks for the role now! View Poll »

Few have given us as much info to go on as these two. Stephen Amell revealing that he's even had meetings about the role tells you he's interested.

Ian, meanwhile, has been enthusiastic when asked about his potential participation. Both guys clearly look the part, but only you can (fantasy) cast Mr. Grey.

Vote for either Stephen Amell or Ian Somerhalder above! And comment below!


Neither Stephen or Ian (especially not Ian). It's Henry Cavill as Christian Grey, especially since he reportedly is the muse, and yes he can act and apparently met with people last summer already way before other actors started acting desperate trying to get this part and blabbing info.


My vote is for Henry Cavill, but if he does not win, that is the chosen Stephen ...

Shosanna dreyfus

Neither! Henry Cavill is Christian Grey hands and knees down!


Ian hands down... Ian looks the part AND has the "tortured dark soul " down pat. Stephen is hot too but the attitude and dark part have to be there in order to believe it. I just can't see anyone but Ian in this role...

Lori gerling
@ Cat34

Neither....Henry Cavill is the obvious choice. He can actually act, he had more than one facial expression, he has the looks, & he IS Christian Grey.

@ Lori Gerling

I agree Lori. Henry Cavill is Christian Grey. We want someone who doesn't look like the Grinch or has a deer in the headlights expression.

Mary rainey

I don't like being limited in who I can vote for. I still like Matt Bomer. Ian and Stephen are both great too.

@ Mary Rainey

Estou com vocês, meu voto também vai para o Henry Cavill


STEPHEN for sure! He is more of a woman's man and not some 13 year old girls fantasy. I can so see him as Christian. And shame on all you teeny boppers you should not even be reading those books!


Ian is the better choice - more polished looking!
Stephen is good looking but in a much more unsophisticated way!


that snotty nose b---ch emma should not be snubbing her nose at any role she is affored she should be lucky to be working and asked. as for christian just get someone very SEXY that's all we need. Spice it up.


Obviously Ian should play Christian. Just watch his acting in Vampire Diaries! He has the perfect attitude and smirk. <3

@ Teen16

I agree with you! Ian would be much better at the part


easy: the ones wo commit suicide to made a point.

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