Ian Somerhalder or Stephen Amell: Who Should Star in Fifty Shades of Grey?

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There are many strong candidates for the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, but two have really piqued our interest.

Arrow star Stephen Amell confirms he "had a meeting" with producers about it, while Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder has openly coveted the part.

So, with no offense to Matt Bomer, if we're forced to pick between these two CW stars, who would you want to see as Christian grey in 50 Shades?

And the Winner is?

Ian Somerhalder or Stephen Amell: Who should star in 50 Shades of Grey? Cast your vote for one of these two rumored picks for the role now! View Poll »

Few have given us as much info to go on as these two. Stephen Amell revealing that he's even had meetings about the role tells you he's interested.

Ian, meanwhile, has been enthusiastic when asked about his potential participation. Both guys clearly look the part, but only you can (fantasy) cast Mr. Grey.

Vote for either Stephen Amell or Ian Somerhalder above! And comment below!

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Really? the arrow?? Ian - IAN SOMERHALDER!!!
no question. he's got it, the look, the walk, the eyes, so i go on? Ian, Ian, Ian! when i started reading the triology, i saw Ian the whole time. anyone else and it probably won't work!!!

@ veronica

I agree completely with Veronica. I don't even know who this other guy is. Ian, Ian, Ian is Christian!!!!


Alex pettyfer parece mais arrogante e dominador,mais forte também!!!!!
Alex pettyfer is more arrogante tape, stronger André intimidating, dominante.... Not a flamboyant fragile tape lide Ina sommerhalder or inexpressive lide Thaís otheer guy


Sem dúvida alguma, Ian Somerhalder é o melhor ator na atualidade. Ele reuni todos os aspectos físicos e comportamentais do personagem Christian Grey, a começar pela sensualidade evidente, depois pelos traços de pessoa inteligente, perspicaz, controladora que buscamos no Sr. Grey. Apesar de Henry ter bastante massa muscular, ele não apresenta nenhum carisma em sua feição, estando mais para Superman, no caso Ia pode adquirir massa muscular para viver o papel. Seria uma ótima oportunidade para Ian passar a figurar nas grandes produções de Hollywood. Torcemos por ele, pois trata-se de um ator muito dedicado, entusiasta, doce e de muito talento!


Henry Cavill!!!


Isuppose out of the two it would have to be Ian, but I want it to be Matt Bomer he truly does look the part and even though he is gay he does not look it unlike Ian.


I gatta say... IAN I LOVE YOU!!! u r just the best, if it isn't u selected i will just never watch fifty shades, because damn everything hot about christian grey is JUST SO YOU!!! .... u ROCK! u inspire me in every way....


IAN is the best for christian grey !


Of course Ian .... He's already Christian Grey!!!


Stephen isn't my first choice but he wouldn't be a bad one! Better pick of Matt and Ian.

@ Carly

I agree. Henry Cavill is my guy but Stephen definitely would be better over Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer. Just saying!


Ian is Christian Grey his eyes , he has many things to be CG and Stephen is only Oliver Queen

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