George Zimmerman's Brother: Sorry For Racist Tweets!

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Robert Zimmerman Jr., the brother of Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman, says he's sorry for a series of racist Tweets about his brother's case.

"I made a mistake," Robert Zimmerman Jr. said during an appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Live. "It unfortunately may not have helped George."

That's putting it mildly.

Robert Zimmerman Jr.

George Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for killing Martin, who was 17, in an altercation in a residential neighborhood in Sanford, Florida.

Prosecutors say the neighborhood watch captain racially profiled, pursued and shot the unarmed Martin as he returned from a convenience store.

That was February 2012. Fast forward to this week: Robert Zimmerman posted side-by-side photos of Trayvon Martin and a teenager arrested last week.

A teen who was arrested in the fatal shooting of a 13-month-old boy as his mother was pushing his stroller down the street in a coastal Georgia town.

The photos showed Martin and the teenager posing while making an obscene gesture. He wrote: "A picture is worth a thousand words ... any questions?"

In another tweet, Robert Zimmerman said, "Lib media shld ask if what these2 black teens did 2 a woman & baby is the reason ppl think blacks might B risky."

Pers Morgan, in his interview with Zimmerman, called the tweets about Martin and the other teenager "incendiary" and "bordering on outright racism."

"I understand this was controversial and I apologize," he said.

Mark O'Mara, George Zimmerman's lawyer, has also criticized Robert Zimmerman's tweets. George Zimmerman's murder trial is set for June.

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Hindsight 20/20 is a bitch, ain't it? He may have not help George but obviously he didn't hurt him. I bet old Robert wishes he hadn't wasted the apology now.


I'm surprised this dude has been executed yet. He feels empowered to disrespect an entire class of people after the execution-style death of a minor. I sincerely hope the entire Nazi family is exterminated soon. What a pathogen these money/attention hungry whores are on society.


He needs to chill out and start accepting the possibility that George may be put away based on the evidence and not blame Trayvon. To speak in this manner about Tray shows a blatant disregard for respect and dignity to the teen's surviving family and friends. Robert can paint George a Saint all he wants but he must see both perspective and not be one sided as he has been. If you are gonna speak use this platform to bring healing to all victims of attack and gun violence not division with your unfounded rhetoric.


BLDR put O'Mara in his place when he filed a response to MOM's frivolous Motion for Sanctions against the State's Attorney's Office.
[A] walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale. . . full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), "Macbeth", Act 5 scene 5.... That's priceless....Every motion MOM has filed has been patently frivolous. If anyone should be sanctioned then it should be MOM and West. They have twice sought to have Crump depose and the court ruled against them in their worthless endeavors. GZ has no legitimate defense to the charges against him, and when the facts are against you, argue the law, and when the law is against you, argue the facts; and when the facts and law are both against you, as it is with GZ, call the other lawyer names."...Paul Dickinson, The Official Rules (1978). As BLDR pointed out, MOM has done just that throughout the course of this entire case. systematically levying loud, public, scurrilous allegations and attacks against everyone, including the victim, Trayvon Martin. That's just simply insane.


The dude looks middle-eastern


So, racism and stupidity is a family trait. Also, the difference between Trayvon Martin and the youth who is "accused" of shooting somebody is this---Treyvon WAS the person who got shot.
His whole "point" is moronic.


George's bro has nothing to apologize for. A black kills a white baby on purpose, where's the outrage? A white guy, 5'7" kills a black punk 6'3" in self defense, rhe word racist is used, blacks are up in arms, the imitation, inept, POTUS does his finest race baiting, TRAYVON COULD'VE BEEN MY SON. Yes, he could"ve, both are pos.

@ allsaints45

You are truly misled. It has been proven even by the ME report that Trayvon was only 5'11" Tall but you still carry that lie that the skinheads posted after hacking into Trayvons account and altered is profile and postings. That was proved int the NEWS. Read Below :

@ allsaints45 have personal problems yourself. Be true to yourself before you come on here talking about "George's bro has nothing to apologize for" because he does. What he did was underscored what his own cousin said 6 months ago: THE ZIMMERMAN'S ARE RACIST. And if you think the same way as Robert Zimmerman does, then that necessarily means that you're a racist too. Quite frankly somebody should find you and piss in your mouth.

@ allsaints45

Is this George's brother? Self-defense? I think that "stalking" an unarmed teen (unless you count pop and candy as weapons) is ridiculous. The police had already told Zimmerman to quit following the kid...instead he murders him. If somebody with a gun was following me around at night - I might try to defend myself, too. Your "reality" is ridiculous. So the victim was the POS? Wow - the UNARMED victim?

@ NC

". If somebody with a gun was following me around at night - I might try to defend myself, too. "
then youd be as stupid Trayvon.,..and dead like him as well.
If he wasn't up to anything, instead of calling his girlfriend he would have called 911 to report some one harassing him, instead of trying to beat up a guy with a gun, like in a cheesy movie.

@ big daddy

You place the blame on the kid. I truly hope none of your kids if you have any runs into this situation. Crow is not good unless cooked.

@ big daddy

You're just as stupid and ignorant as the Zimmermans and the ones that supports him. George Zimmerman MURDERED - Trayvon Martin because of the color of his skin and you and the rest of the ones that support GZ does so because TM happened to be 'black'. Had he been any other color than that, you wouldn't be on here justifying that murder be second-guessing what TM should or should not have done. Quite frankly, if you were being chased around the place while you were trying to walk back home from the store, you would have tried to DEFEND yourself too. So stop showing the people on 'The Hollywood Gossip' how ignorant you are unless you can't help it because it's a birth mark.

@ big daddy

The boy was 17 and followed by an armed man! Where was Treyvon's "right to stand his ground"? Zimmerman was the one who was dangerous! His picture is the one that could be posted next to the baby killer (if that boy IS the baby killer, of course). Good god, you think there are no white thieves, murderers and rapists around? And dangerous idiots?


No he's not nothing but a racist pig himself!


Under California law, a private person may not detain or arrest a minor. That is for police and some other government officials. What was and is the law in Florida on that subject?

@ Gary

I am sure that applies every where because it's pretty much basic commonsense. George Zimmerman and the ones that support him seems to think that it is ok for a grown man to go out and patrol the area as a Neighborhood Watch person, detain innocent people against their will, shoot and kill them and then turn around and claim self-defense.