Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Leaving The View Due to "Extreme" Opinions

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The View from ABC will look very different this fall.

A day after Joy Behar announced she is leaving the talk show, sources confirm that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is also on her way out. But for different, non-voluntary reasons.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View

The network has apparently chosen not to renew the conservative blonde's contract because of her polarizing political views.

"The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing," an insider tells the tabloid. "People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth."

Hasselbeck joined the gab fest in November 2003 after guest-hosting the series following Lisa Ling's departure in 2002.

She has often been the only Republican voice amidst a sea of liberals and democrats, josting with guests and panelists on occasion.

What do you think of this story if it's valid? Will you miss Hasselbeck on The View?


Frankly, I think all the hosts should get fired, except for Barbara, who should appear periodically, as she is the voice of reason. Hosts, please speak one at a time or i will not watch. vickij


Why is it always about politics? And why is always the Republicans complaining?


Personally I rarely tune into the show so take this for what it's worth. In general, though, the point of having several different panellists on a show called The View should be so that the panellists can express their views as related to pop culture/news stories, and there's really no point if it is just one opinion allowed. Hasslebeck's views carry no more weight than Behar or whoopi goldberg's views should, and are no more "polarizing", just different. Perhaps her opinions are unpopular at times but if you don't watch a show because 1/5 of the panellists have views you disagree with, you're silly. Why would anyone care if Elizabeth's views differ from their own? A show about opinions where everyone has literally the exact same opinion is the most boring, ridiculous-sounding show premises ever.


If Elisabeth Hasselbeck is fired, it once again proves that an iota of deviation from liberalism simply can't be tolerated. Liberals claim they're open to different opinions, then are enraged to hear any.


liberals are self important babies. oh, and name callers.

@ Right to arm bears

You: liberals are name callers!
You: *calls liberals "self-important babies"*
...just sayin'.


Liberals = Socialist / Communist


I only watch show for Hasselbeck. It is funny that Liberals think if you are conservative then you are extreme. Really!! Liberals can't stand someone not agreeing with them! If Hasselbeck leaves, I won't watch!


pretty sad if this is true!! I watch the show because of Elisabeth. Where is the poll to vote on Barbara? I would like to see Barbara EXIT!!!!


Liberals cannot handle having an apposing view. It was pretty obvious when Whoopie and Joy walked off the stage when O'Rielly was a guest.


I didn't watch the show because of Barbara & Joy!

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Tim Hasselbeck
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