Coco: Cheating on Ice-T With Jamie Thomas?

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Is Coco running around on Ice-T again?

Allegations that she cheated with rapper AP.9 last year prompted a Twitter rebuke from "disrespected" Ice himself, but she apologized and they made up.

Will the same be true in this case, now that she's been linked to Jamie Thomas, who sources say was at a “local Vegas lounge” with Coco on Saturday?

CoCo and Ice

According to celebrity gossip sources, the duo were said to be involved in some sort of argument, prompting Coco to scream at him and storm out!

Coco has allegedly been "living a single life" since she’s been in Vegas and her connection to Jamie Thomas is no secret to many in Sin City.

Thomas reportedly denied allegations that he's seeing Coco, while sources note that he has a Vegas-based reality show in the works with E! as well.

Looks like what happens in Vegas isn’t staying there ... if reality show cameras have anything to say about it. Ice Loves Coco crossover event anyone?


When her husband tells her she doesnt have to sleep with other men anymore. Hello, Ice T is/was a pimp so mind your own business! If he doesnt care why do you?


That's why men should not marry waaaay younger women. They into your money, not you!!!!


nope, she just likes a black penis in her HUGE & DELICIOUS vagina, folks!! what's the problem here?

@ abe

Oh Abe. How do you know it's delicious?

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