Charlie Sheen is My Dad, Norwegian Guy Theorizes in Hilarious Reddit Photo

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A 23-year-old Norwegian guy thinks Charlie Sheen may be his father.

Certainly not unreasonable, based on the circumstances he explains.

His theory has gone viral, too, thanks to this hilarious Reddit photo:

Charlie Sheen Secret Son Photo

The picture really speaks for itself, but a few things do stand out:

  1. His English is great, save for his spelling of "stewardess."
  2. He's not a fan of his "dad's" show Anger Management.
  3. He certainly knows how to spread his message.
  4. He really does look like a younger Charlie.
  5. Would anyone be at all surprised?!

a little secret: DO NOT BEG FOR ATTENTION.
(I hope you're not like americans because they do)

@ abe

apparently you are the one looking for attention seeing how you are trying to start a little spat about how Americans "beg for attention" That was a pretty naive thing you just said there pal. Hope you get the attention you wanted.

@ abe

Abe - the only Americans that beg for attention are the losers that can't get that attention any other way. Same for any other Country, you dolt.

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