Charlie Askew Butchers American Idol Performance, Breaks Down on Stage

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Poor Charlie Askew.

The American Idol hopeful auditioned live for the first time tonight, choosing the track "Mama" by Genesis. Which is about a prostitute.

But things got even weirder from there: Askew donned a ponytail. And a grungy shirt. And screeched throughout the performance, drawing outright laughter from the judges.

"What happened?" Nicki Minaj asked. "I don’t want to see your arms. I don’t want you working out. I don’t want to see that ponytail. I don't want to see that earring. Lose the mustache immediately. I feel like someone stole my kid. I want my cute, cuddly Charlie back!"

After hearing harsh critiques from the panel, Askew broke down alongside Ryan Seacrest.

“All I can say is, I needed to vent a little bit," Charlie said when asked about the audition. "A lot of people think I’m a very happy boy, and the only reason I smile so much is because I feel like I have to."

Wow. Sad, profound stuff.

Seacrest handled the situation like a pro, telling Askew: “You’ve got some friends here. We appreciate your courage and your honesty, and there’s nothing easy about having those feelings inside and standing up here and having to do that tonight.”

And now the vote is in your hands, America: Will Askew advance to the Top 10? Or will this be the end of the road for a seemingly troubled young man? We'll find out tomorrow night.


One more thing (I am really tricked). These idiot judges put Charlie in the Top 10 for a reason. He is way different. And tonight he showed his difference to the utmost of his abilities, and then they dump all over him for it. Pathetic.


I completely disagree with the judges (what a surprise). This is the first time I have liked Charlie. I liked his voice, I liked his passion, and like how he performed exactly how HE wanted to. Nikki is an ass. She treated him like a little boy, and he HATED IT. Although I previously didn't like him at all, I now am really hoping he makes it through.


What a great performance...very entertaining and very original...not the standard pablum...thoroughly enjoyed It..Charlie may be a genius.

@ Bruce

FINALLY someone that has some taste in music!! I loved Charlie's performance, and even played it back a few times. I think everyone has a problem with the progressive rock genre. Charlie sang the song perfect. I was bored listening to the majority of the other contestants. THIS WAS SO UNFAIR!

Kine haug
@ hemera1215

I agree with you! I skipped through the whole episode (except form Chalie's bit). He showed America true human emotions at stage. I hate the fake smiles the contestants show us when they get negative feedback or get kicked out off the competition. It's not real! Charlie's reaction is something I can relate to. His words were maybe just a little too true for America to handle.


It wasn't an audition, he is already on the show....

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