Charlie Askew Butchers American Idol Performance, Breaks Down on Stage

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Poor Charlie Askew.

The American Idol hopeful auditioned live for the first time tonight, choosing the track "Mama" by Genesis. Which is about a prostitute.

But things got even weirder from there: Askew donned a ponytail. And a grungy shirt. And screeched throughout the performance, drawing outright laughter from the judges.

"What happened?" Nicki Minaj asked. "I don’t want to see your arms. I don’t want you working out. I don’t want to see that ponytail. I don't want to see that earring. Lose the mustache immediately. I feel like someone stole my kid. I want my cute, cuddly Charlie back!"

After hearing harsh critiques from the panel, Askew broke down alongside Ryan Seacrest.

“All I can say is, I needed to vent a little bit," Charlie said when asked about the audition. "A lot of people think I’m a very happy boy, and the only reason I smile so much is because I feel like I have to."

Wow. Sad, profound stuff.

Seacrest handled the situation like a pro, telling Askew: “You’ve got some friends here. We appreciate your courage and your honesty, and there’s nothing easy about having those feelings inside and standing up here and having to do that tonight.”

And now the vote is in your hands, America: Will Askew advance to the Top 10? Or will this be the end of the road for a seemingly troubled young man? We'll find out tomorrow night.

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Charlie Askew was my favorite and now he is gone.
In my opinion this is the absolute worst year ever for American Idol. First was the Judges, Niki and Randy are awful and I almost stopped watching all together.
Now I record the show and fast forward past those two judges. several other of one that I liked were also eliminated because of such negative comments made by these judges. 50 votes per person is way to much, what a crock.


I like Charlie. Nikki was insulting. She emasculated Charlie. She called him a baby! I have teenage sons! How humiliating! She did it in a whiny baby doll voice that was condescending and unbelievably disrespectful. She didn't have to like the performance. But, to ask him "where did my baby go" was beyond inappropriate. Shocking. She needs to not let the stage door hit in the butt on her way out.


He is more vocally talented than many previous American Idol winners. As for his breakdown: Have you ever watched other reality shows where ADULTS bawl like babies in front of the camera, and for lesser reasons than being criticized by major stars. This kid is 17. Auditioning in front of millions is pressure. Cut him a break.


Well, there is a disorder named after him. 'The Charlie Askew' disorder; It's where he can't let the world in, and keeps to himself. The only way he is able to express himself is through music.


OK.....leave the talent out of things for a moment. Did ANYONE hear this kid screaming out for help ? "A lot of people think I’m a very happy boy, and the only reason I smile so much is because I feel like I have to." Sounds to me like someone at home isnt really in touch with whats happening inside this kids head. We recently had a kid here in CT. who no one was listening to either. Listen up and help this kid.....NOW !!

@ Curt

Amen ... this kid needs some intervention when talking like that.


OMG he didn't melt down. He was upset. He didn't do well and got bad feedback. That's it.


From day one, it was obvious that Charlie had a fragile spirit. I don't know what the judges were thinking when they put him through during every round of this competition. I hope that Charlie has a loving support system to get him through the brutal events of Wednesday night.


First of all, I don't understand why the judges even allowed this kid to still be on the show. He looks like a freak, acts like a freak, and guess what? If it quacks like a duck? Well you all know the rest of the saying..He has absolute NO TALENT..They let some good singers go home, before America starts to vote. The judges to me are totally messed up. UGH......

@ pleeeeese

shame on you Deb...This poor kid probably has more talent in his little finger than you will every have. You are a Bully and people like you have caused his pain....Shame Shame Shame!!!


If he is voted in I am gonna stop watching. This boy needs some major help and voting him in just cuz you feel sorry for him or as a joke will only inflate the underlying problems this young man is having. Time for him to check himself into some psychiatric help and leave the real singers to the show. He is a sweet kid but he is definitely not an AMERICAN IDOL. He would just be like past winners that go absolutely no where

@ Deb

Amen, deb


Charlie Rocks!!! I love the fact that this guy is a odd ball and is very entertaining. He's talented!!! Go Charlie.

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