Brandi Glanville to Chelsea Handler: SUCK IT!

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Brandi Glanville always needs to have a feud going with somebody.

The same day as she made up with Gerard Butler and (gasp) claimed she's "done speaking poorly" about LeAnn Rimes, she turned her attention to someone new:

Chelsea Handler, who based her show recently on Bravo.

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Comedic Handler

Glanville appeared on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live this week and weighed in on Chelsea's recent, sharp-tongued visit to that same show:

"Chelsea, suck it! We know each other, we have the same gay-gent ... I made out with her lesbian friend and her assistant and her brother, so she hates me."

"She sucked on your show," she told Cohen. "She was horrible. She wasn’t funny, it was awkward. I saw the after show where she was putting down the Housewives."

Cohen agreed with B's assessment that Handler had "really trashed" the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, of which Glanville is a proud member.

The next day on Twitter, Brandi Glanville clarified her comments:

"I think Chelsea Handler is funny most of the time, but she sucked on WWHL and talked mad shit about the housewives on the after show. That's it."

Perhaps these two could perhaps collaborate on a book.

They do share the same agent (gay-gent?) who's helped oversee several successful Handler books, while Glanville's book is #2 on the N.Y. Times bestseller list.


Another feud, just another day for Brandi Glanville....


I am so sick and tired of Chelsea Handler I don't care WHO calls her out! She reminds me of a vicious little ferret. She is constantly attacking other women, it seems every week I read a new headline about the latest woman she has attacked. What a truly disgusting human being.


LeAnn, You are by far so much above that stupid woman Eddie was married to. I'm embarrassed for
Eddie that he was with her--she's horrible!!!! At least LeAnn, you have talent and never compare yourself to her again! No wonder Eddie left Brandi if that's how she is. Being a "horswife" is not a evnied place to be.

@ Sassy1000001

Really? So stealing another women's husband is okay.... You can go F*** yourself. Brandi is wayyyy hotter than that horse mutated Leann! You need precription lenses loser, the B**** is a mediocre singer pshhhh only has one song that I bet not many remember heheheh. Adrienne, Faye, Marisa, and Camille are all old dumb bitches who think they are better than anyone! Glad most of them r leaving!!! I love Yolanda, Lisa and Brandi!!!!!! :D


Does this woman ever shut her mouth?!? She is burning alot of bridges with her drunken rants! Shame on Bravo for encouraging her to act like an idiot every time she appears on televsion.

@ Dara

Have you ever wondered what life would have been like if you had enough oxygen at birth?


At least she has moved on to another man who really does not want to be with her besides her ex, Eddie Cibrian.


Both of these chicks are disgusting....but Brandi is a MOM and she should clean up her act. Such a low life whore who thinks she is special....What the hell is wrong with Bravo...they get rid of the good ones and keep this white trash ex druggie slut on the show. I find her least entertaining....GET RID OF HER. And Chelsey's show sucks as does she.....two miserable lonely bitches.


And you wonder why Eddie left her? My God...she is one sick person, but I agree with her on Chelsea.

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