Brandi Glanville: Naked at Kyle Richards' White Party ... or Not?

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Brandi Glanville was caught buck naked at Kyle Richards' famous White Party ... at least according to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rumor mill.

In a sneak peek of next week's episode, her outrageous, possibly nude behavior is the talk of the night, although she's not there to defend herself.

Brandi Smile

Marisa Zanuck and Faye Resnick started off saying that Brandi Glanville has a crush on Marisa’s husband Dean, and Kyle defends her, saying:

“I don’t think after what she went through with Eddie (Cibrian) cheating on her and leaving her that she'd go there with a married man," Richards stated.

This, in turn, shocks Faye Resnick.

“Kyle did you really say that?” Faye asks, noting the supposed bathroom sex. “Sweetheart, what happened in the bathroom in your house at the white party?”

Resnick then tells the other women that Brandi “was found in the bathroom with not a lot of clothes on. Actually in the bathroom of a child’s room."

In a flashback to the party, Brandi tells Kyle that her “boyfriend” is at the party, and “he’s got a sexy gap in his teeth that I just want to suck on!”

Rumors reported on celebrity gossip sites last summer indicated that “Brandi was in the bathroom with a guy having sex when the girls caught her.”

Kyle Richards admits that she didn’t see “anything with my own eyes,” and Yolanda Foster takes Brandi’s side, saying that “I hate speculation.”

However, Faye is insistent that it happened as she describes, saying “I know about it from two sets of eyes and there were no drapes in there!”

Did it happen? What do you think?

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Brandi is a piece of shit just
Ike her friends Lisa andYo.landa they at all In denial when it comes relationships Lisa is a old bitch a Yolanda is in denial with her relationship with her husband who is havi g the ti e of his .ife with out his wife they.


I can't stand Faye Resnik that ugly ole coke whore! She is trying so hard to get airtime -ugh. Why is Kyle friends with her? Love Brandi,Yolanda and Lisa. Thank goodness Adrienne is gone -oh, get rid of the others!


SOMEONE GET FAYE "OFF"about THE AIR! Why did Kim Richards convince anyone to have her on there,she is NOT a nice person &u terrible on air.

@ suzy

Faye is Kyle's friend if you're going to comment you should get your facts right otherwise you're no better then the people your complaining about

@ suzy

This is all drama but I really believe these bitches need to get real and mend there differences and need to be supportive of each other Lisa and Yolanda are in denial when it comes to Bandi she is a wolf in sheeps clothing time will tell?

@ Mimi

Marsha, Faye is friends with both the Richards sisters. Suzy's comment was valid and true. Faye is repulsive and a liar trying way too hard to get a role on this reality series. Not going to happen--so Faye made an ass out of herself and whored herself out for free this time. Now apologize to Suzy as your comment was rude and wrong.


Brandy don't care about her boys like she said. If she did she will at least pretend to have some class and quit being such of sleaze.


Brandi adressed this months ago. Admitted to kissing Faye is just a pathetic person who will always try to cash in on someone else.


pffffffffff: white racists all along.
"welcome" in california.


Poor Faye, still trying to be relevant. I hope it works out for you, Faye. Your silly stories are not flying and you look like an idiot. As usual!

@ Carol

Agree with Carole & Brenda. I can't stand Faye! She's the next Kim G. trying to get air time. I thk Adrienne is behind all the rumor bs using Faye to back her because clearly the other HW's are on to her. I love Yolanda and her no bs straight up what you see is what you get attitude. She is the definition of true class. Team Brandi, Yolanda and Lisa here!


brandi is a nice person who doesn't take alot of bull from anyone; who is faye? the head of the bad facelift club? she or he needs to shut up and stop blaming brandi for paul having a messed up marriage to begin with! she didn't cheat on him!!!

John conners

I just checked Free Brittney's pic....that is one angry looking dyke. Man,,,,,, that is 13 inches on a sawzall with a 18 volt lithium ion battery attached. Wow.

John conners
@ John Conners

Sorry got sidetracked......hey Brandi Glanville, I gots the hots for you babe......lets hook up. I want to hit you hard and long......


Resnick is a famous old coke whore, no one with a brain or an ounce of decency would listen to a word she utters, let alone invite her through the door.

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