Brandi Glanville: LeAnn Rimes Has No Boundaries

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Brandi Glanville says LeAnn Rimes has zero boundaries.

Really, we doubt either of them excel in that department.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star continues to blast the country singer's relationship with her two little boys, criticizing her role as a stepmom.

Le Ann Rimes Cleavage
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Brandi says her relationship with LeAnn might have been different if it hadn't been for Eddie Cibrian cheating on her, but it is what it is right now:

“I can’t say how I would have felt about her had it not happened because it did happen. So I really don’t know how I would have acted if he left me first."

“What it is, is how she just doesn’t have boundaries when it comes to my children."

"It upsets me because it was like that even when I was still married to Eddie and they were together she was tweeting and texting me really horrible things."

"[Saying] ‘I love the boys. I can’t wait to make their lunches.' I just don’t know how it would be any different because it didn’t go down that way.”

We can probably all agree that LeAnn Rimes has some insecurities, but is Brandi just beating a dead horse at this point with the non-stop criticism?

OR, as she implies, is Rimes going overboard just to rub it in Brandi Glanville's face, having cheated on her then-husband and then married him?

Whose side are you on?


wow what does eddie see in this girl she is ugly nice body but what an ugly face. i guess he must bang her doggie style stil put a bag over that.

@ gabe

That is REALLY RUDE!!!! Wonder what you look easy to judge!


Leane needs to be mindful of the fact that these kids are growing and r able to understand what's happening. Team Brandi.


The woman has no boundaries. She posts pictures of the boys on her website and twitter and has even posted the school's name. She tells the paparazzi where their games are and makes sure she is photographed with them. She's sick. And she's endangering two kids that aren't even hers.


LeAnn really needs to learn some boundaries. As a stepmother myself I would never, ever disrespect my children's mother the way she does Brandi. I'm in the same situation as we have the kids 50% of the time, I went out of my way for years to be nothing but respectful to their mother & in time we became friends which is way more healthy for the kids to see everyone on the same page when it comes to them.


Please it's not like Brandi's going around trying to talk about dumb LeAnn! She's doing interviews talking about her book, RHOBH, fashion, etc...THEN she's asked a question about LeAnn and simply answers it truthfully! TeamBrandi!!


Brandi said she would stop talking about LeAnn now that the book tour is over. That lasted what...3 days?! STFU already Brandi, this is getting sooooooooo old. Please get a life and move on already. Do it for your children.

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