Boston College Bans Condom Distribution on Campus

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Not everyone is jumping on the Bill Gates condom bandwagon.

On the contrary, in a surprising move, Boston College has warned that students distributing condoms on its campus may face disciplinary action.

Students running "safe sites" in dorm rooms providing condoms and advice may be violating the Catholic school's religious mission, officials said.

Boston Coll

A student spokeswoman said the students offer a service not otherwise available at the university, and the ACLU has said it may take legal action.

In a letter sent to students, Paul Chebator, dean of students, and George Arey, dean of residence life, said the distribution of condoms conflicted with its mission.

Specifically, the "responsibility to protect the values and traditions of Boston College as a Jesuit, Catholic ­institution," the Boston Globe reported.

"While we understand that you may not be intentionally violating university policy, we do need to advise you that should we receive any reports that you are, in fact, distributing condoms on campus, [this] would be referred to the student conduct office for disciplinary action by the university."

Lizzie Jekanowski, chairwoman for the BC Students for Sexual Health, said the college had been aware of the program but never before warned it would take action.

"We were very disappointed that the signatories of the letter didn't contact us beforehand," Jekanowski said. "We've had a very open relationship, and it's been very positive."

"This letter was very war-mongering and threatening."

Meanwhile, the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the university's warning was inappropriate and may even violate the law.


While I understand upholding the Catholic value system but c'mon, college is where students are having sex and then NEED to be safe about it. I'm not saying that condoms should be laying around the campus ground but what better than to get a condom from a peer you can trust? This is about their health. There are ways though that students CAN get the sexual health support that they need, Check it out:


Well it looks like there's no casual sex for our today's youths and they'll have to wait till graduation or marriage!!


When will Catholics and other religious people learn that the demand for chastity and ignorance about sexuality - or, if you have sex (which students do), you being obliged to get pregnant - has nothing to do with religion? It's all about control, especially over women, and power. Providing education and contraceptives is a very recommendable thing. Catholicism (as well as other religions, particularly Islam) need to grow up and become responsible.

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