Bill O'Reilly Divorce: Maureen McPhilmy Split Getting Uglier By the Day

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Bill O'Reilly's divorce from Maureen McPhilmy was/is so ugly, he is trying to get his ex-wife booted from the Catholic Church, according to a new report.

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The Fox News personality became estranged/separated from Maureen McPhilmy, with whom he has two adolescent children, at some point in 2010.

According to sources, O'Reilly then went on a crusade to ruin the career of the Nassau County Police detective she was dating - and has since married.

O'Reilly is now in the midst of a scorched-earth custody battle over the ex-couple's two children, even as he undermines his own custody arrangement.

How's he doing that, you ask?

By hiring, as a member of his household staff, the woman he and his ex-wife had agreed on as a neutral arbiter of their disputes going forward.

It also involves O'Reilly's attempts to annul his marriage (rather than merely ending it) and have McPhilmy potentially booted from the Catholic Church.

In May 2010, O'Reilly and his wife became estranged and began living in separate houses less than half a mile from each other on Long Island.

In 2011, O'Reilly allegedly used connections with the Nassau County P.D. to try to launch an internal affairs investigation into McPhilmy's new boyfriend.

Relations between them only got uglier from there ... years later.

The Catholic Church is even involved in this now, believe it or not.

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Bill filing for an annulment of his marriage would actually be a help to his ex-wife. As a life long Catholic who acquired an annulment I am aware of the rules. First: neither Bill nor his wife are excommunicated by just getting a divorce. The Church does not recognize a second marriage without an annulment ( a long healing process) and considers the person living in sin--a form of self communication. By applying for an annulment the parties must complete several documents which are soul searching and healing; these documents must be reviewed by a "Tribunal" consisting of religious and lay Cannon Lawyers ( church law); one Tribunal member represents each party and the information collected from each party and the affidavits of their witnesses ( Tribunal sends these folks a set of approximately 75 questions related to the interactions/ observances of the two parties involved) and then makes a judgment as to weather there was a sacrament of marriage at the time that the marriage was performed. There is a list of numerous areas which must be applicable to describe a null marriage--ie unfaithfulness at start of marriage--no commitment; inability of one or both parties to have an emotional or physical intimate relationship, etc. The Tribunal looks for evidence of this in the testimonies submitted from the couple and their witnesses. If the Tribunal decides that there is reason for annulment the documents and their decision/ notes are forwarded to another Tribunal in Rome where the testimonies and notes are reviewed and this Tribunal either issues or denies the annulment based on the evidence. They may also put restrictions on when one or both members of the couple such as having emotional therapy prior to entering into another marriage. An annulment is not a quick or easy procedure. That being said, the annulment basically can only be a help to both Bill and his ex-wife. Hope this helps those of you to understand the basics of Catholic annulment. Isn't always granted.
It is sad that Bill and his wife are going through this. I feel for the kids. Good of him to try to stay involved in their lives.


As I understand the Rules of the Catholic Church, if they were married in the Catholic Church- unless marriage is annulled - they can not take Holy Communion....I am Catholic-


One does not get "booted from the Catholic Church" because an ex-spouse files for an annulment. If this article got that wrong, it probably got a lot more wrong too. Honesty in journalism is dead

James hanrahan

If you don't like, "Douche Bag," how about, "Scum bag?" I think that is the masculine form of, "Beggary!" It doesn't matter, he would be eligible for either!


I hope she takes everything from him, can't stand that douchebag!

@ Logic Reigns

Classy "Logic", referring to someone as a douchebag simply because you disagree with him...

@ Byron Mersado

Um, Bill O'Reilly IS a douchebag. Totally.

@ Logic x2

I find that one usually IS what one professes OTHERS to be!

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