Biggie Smalls Ghost to Star in New Animated TV Series "House of Wallace"

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The ghost of Biggie Smalls - as well as the late rapper's children - are set to star in a new animated TV show. Seriously. This is an actual project.

The show will focus on Biggie Smalls' offspring and how they're running his New York recording studio, producers from Ossian Media said.

House of Wallace will star T'yanna Wallace, 19, and C.J. Wallace, 16, voicing their animated likenesses. The hip-hop legend's kids said in a statement:

Biggie Smalls Ghost

"It's been 16 years since our Dad was murdered and we miss him dearly."

"It is such an honor for us to be able to carry on his legacy, not only through his music but also by channeling him through our own creativity."

"House Of Wallace is a great opportunity to bridge the gap between our parents who loved his music and [those who were] not around to really appreciate it."

Christopher Wallace, a.k.a. Notorious B.I.G., a.k.a. Biggie Smalls, was murdered in 1997. He was only 24 years old; the crime remains unsolved.

While the media group has yet to partner with a network, it has a few in mind to bring this to fruition. Another major selling point? B.I.G.'s music.

The series will reportedly feature original songs, as well as re-imagined renditions of some of the many classics from the Chris Wallace catalog.

It is not known who will voice Biggie Smalls' ghost, but the rapper's spirit is expected to be a central character on the series, mentoring the kids.

The ghost will "appear in ethereal form to guide them through the adversities they face as they struggle to preserve their father's labor of love."

It's no Tupac hologram ... but we're intrigued.

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yo yo biggie was real bro


yo yo biggie smalls was the real deal in 1903 he dis tupac


OK I guess I get that they miss thier father but why not have done this ten years ago when it really mattered? But whatever ...good luck.


it cannot surprise you: The Black Folks Rule This Era!!

@ abe

well they definitiely dont suck at all unlike you

@ Wells

he b.i.g was the man come on now