Baby Born 15 Pounds, 7 Ounces: OMG That's a HUGE Kid!

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Born 15 pounds, 7 ounces, the aptly-named George King was just crowned the United Kingdom's second-biggest newborn baby ever.

Yes, someone once beat that apparently.

George King Baby Photo

Parents Jade and Ryan King are swapping out tiny newborn onesies for more mature outfits for George, who came into the world at near-record size.

Jessica Simpson has nothing on this mom.

The naturally delivered mega-baby was a big surprise: As you can see, mom and dad are normal-sized and were reportedly born at normal sizes, too.

It was a nerve-wracking delivery ... to the surprise of no one.

George's head popped out and then got stuck, leaving him oxygen-deprived for a full five minutes, with doctors giving him only a 10 percent chance of survival.

Amazingly, he did.

George is still struggling with the after-effects, but here's hoping he fully bounces back. And speaking of backs ... hope Jade and Ryan have strong ones.

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Right she's not 100 pounds with her ribs sticking out, she must be fat / overweight >.> She looks healthy for a new mom, unfortunate her doctors were absolute morons to let her naturally deliver a child that large though.


the kid will grow up to be a basketball player playing for the miami heat


what doctor would let someone's baby get to 15 lbs before delivering them?? she should have been induced or c-section way before that..


Get a grip these people who are now called parents are only kids themselves. They look like they are only about 16 themselves!


Those parents are not 'normal' size, they're overweight. Get a grip America.

@ Priscilla

These parents are normal size what are you a bean pole, she just had a baby dumbass. Guess you've never had a child or being pregnant gaining weight is part of it. Besides can't you read they are in England. Instead of telling America to get a grip you're dumbass is the one that needs to get a grip.

@ Priscilla

She's not overweight you effing moron, she just had a baby. And compared to people like you trolling the aisles of Walmart, they certainly are "normal sized".

@ Priscilla

Um, this is in England, not America...


WTF were they thinking delivering a 15lb child naturally?? Of course he got stuck! Deprived of oxygen for 5 minutes?? What did that do to his brain?!? God, I hope he's ok!


Wow amazing


She delivered vaginally?! OW!!!


that is amazing. Mom seems to be doing well. Is that possible for a baby to be that big at birth. I hope everything goes well and keep us inform of his progress.


Yea it's possible, it's caused by Gestational Diabetic, 27 yrs ago my neighbor and I were pregnant at the same time, and her baby was 15 lbs, and no the Doctors won't take the baby unless the baby or the mother are in troublr, and they will know that by monitoring the baby's heart rate, if it drops from about 160, which is their normal heart, then they will do an emergency c-section,