Ann Curry to Matt Lauer: SHUT UP!

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Ann Curry feels betrayed by NBC and Matt Lauer and just wishes her former Today colleague would shut his yap, according to a new tabloid report.

This week, he admitted the show messed up firing Curry - or at least how it was handled - but he also made other comments that were less flattering.

Ann Curry and Matt Lauer

He told the Daily Beast that she wasn’t his first choice to replace Meredith Vieira, and that he lobbied for Katie Couric to rejoin the show instead.

The two were even prepared to team up on a syndicated daytime show, but negotiations broke down and Katie went to ABC, while Matt stayed put.

Caught in the crossfire - as she was back then - is Ann.

“Ann just wants to move on from her departure from Today, and she has," says a source. "However, she isn’t allowed to give any media interviews."

"Ann was infuriated by Matt’s comments. The network has said from the onset of Ann’s demotion from the show that Matt had no power over the decision."

"Yet, in the same interview he admits to talking to Katie Couric for over a year. Clearly, Matt has a lot of clout to be engaged in high level talks of a potential hire!"

"It’s just another slap in Ann’s face."

How involved is he? Lauer was solely responsible for Curry's ouster, according to some sources, while others describe his role as less substantive.

Today, after a 16-year lead over Good Morning America, fell to #2 behind ABC’s morning show last year, and the gap only widened after Ann Curry's firing.

Particularly bothersome to Curry, allegedly, “is the outpouring of public support being given to Matt Lauer from the network brass at NBC."

"She just hasn’t had that at all. Ann was fired from the show and essentially sent off to Siberia. Ann’s on-air time has been drastically slashed."

"She knows that NBC has no plans to let her out of her contract, and so she will just try and make the best of a bad situation,” the insider added.

Ann Curry leaving today: Good for the show?


Poor old Matties world is falling apart and
he thinks this is going to redeem himself. All
it's doing is digging himself deeper...NBC...
No Body Cares


Ann Curry told Matt to *SHUT HIS YAP* so what is his problem? His CONSCIENCE is bothering him. Guilt can do strange things, after the gig is over and done with. Ann is MOVING ON, so he should BACK OFF. Something like this happened before, to Dan Rather...Remember?


NBC SUCKS!!!! Ann was the best... Did I mention that NBC SUCKS????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


His conscience is bothering him. That's why he keeps bringing up Ann. He knows he had a lot to do with her getting fired and lying about it.


I also feel like Ann Curry is one heck of a classy lady. I loved her as well as Katie Couic I am tried of all this stuff I think I will change to watch abc I do like Matt however only if he is a kind person to the people that make the show. I am looking forward to a change


yes F*ggot, YOU HEAR!!


haha Mrs. J got it right. Matt is a major douchebag. But...he is also full of piss and vinegar and a client of Rogain. Why people? Does America find the narcissistic vein a*holes so valuable to digress upon national and global views? I am sorry. Suck it Lauer. And you too NBC. You smell like the nutsack of a dirty bum.


Matt is a Douchebag and will always be a Douchebag.


Amen to Terry D's comment. Ann Curry 'is' class, and such a lady, and I will be as bold to say I do put her right up there with Jackie and Princess Diana, in people I most admire. Class is something you just have, something NBC knows nothing about. I no longer watch the Today show, which I did for years. Shame on NBC.


Ann Curry is class, personified. NBC blew it and they know it. Classic case of not knowing what you have until its gone. Ann being the professional that she is, will land on her feet and once again bless her fan base and viewers with that professionalism we all miss and know is lacking on the Today show without her.

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