Ann Curry: Matt Lauer Sucks, But NBC Execs to Blame For Today Debacle

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Today's edition of the Today mill focuses on Ann Curry and her alleged reaction to reports that Matt Lauer may be fired from the struggling show.

If you assumed Curry would be laughing all the way to the bank with her severance check, think again. She's more upset with NBC than anything.

Matt Lauer and Ann Curry on Today

While plenty pissed at her former co-host - who she wishes would just shut up - Curry places the blame on NBC for empowering Lauer in the first place.

According to reports, the powers that be have allowed him to become a diva, when they should've limited his power and kept him focused on journalism.

“Ann should be crowing from the rooftops about Matt’s contract not being renewed, but that’s just not who she is,” a source close to Curry says.

“Remember, Ann herself was blamed last year for the show losing ratings to Good Morning America ... they fired her and the situation didn’t improve!!

"There’s a real culture of passing the buck and looking for a scapegoat at Today and it seems that it’s Matt’s turn now to be thrown under the bus."

“She doesn’t blame him for her firing, but Ann feels Matt was afforded way too much power and input when it came to programming decisions."

"At the end of the day he’s just a journalist."

"The line between journalist and executive producer was clouded and Ann thinks the network bosses have no one to blame for the slide but themselves.”

Ratings were slipping before Ann Curry's firing, but the bad PR from that only made things worse, damaging Lauer's reputation and increasing GMA's lead.

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Matt Sucks. Bottom line-- no further explanation necessary....


I stopped following the Today Show when Matt Lauer started throwing egocentrical & professional & political hatchets. I wish all the best to ALL of his current & past co-hosts, ESP Katie-- & the incomparable Ann Curry--& to Diane Sawyer & the entire ABC News Rwam...


get rid of the over the hill kathy lee.


NBC has is sexist, racist and agist. It also has no moral and ethic. That is why it's rating is slipping and hopefully will never come back up. What they did to Ann Curry is unconscienable. Not only they did fired her immediately without any warning and fanfare, but they also "iced" her from reporting on air or given her any assignment to do. They refused to release her from her contract and allowing her to move to another channel until her contract is up, saying that they fear reprisal from Ann Curry. What kind of people working for NBC are responsible for such actions against an innocent journalist whose only crime was not being able to bring NBC's already sagging rating up to par. That wasn't even her fault alone to begin with. So, with that kind of attitude and unprofessional behavior on NBC's part who would be stupid enough to watch and believe in the integrity of such a station,. I say fire Matt Lauer immediately and do some damage control before it's too late NBC. I, for one, will never watch the 9:00 AM Today show again unless Matt Lauer leaves or Ann Curry is given some decent assignments again. She suffered enough embarrassment and grief already.


Ann Curry

@ Phil Kearns

Today Show


NBC should swallow their pride(?) & bring Ann Curry back! Like yesterday!! She is awesome, & comes across as a kind, compassionate & empathetic host...not to forget an outstanding journalist, herself. She commands respect, & she certainly didn't get it from NBC. Such a shame! Whoever made that decision? Fire them on the spot!


Matt must go. He is terrible. Ann must come back. She was wonderful.


I have watched Matt Layer from the time he was a cute reporter with hair to the point where he became an arrogant turd. Now I here he may be the next host of Jeopardy. It is fitting that one pompous ads replace another. Fire Matt and bring back Ann and ratings will soar. It would be justice for your viewers.




I think it is sad when anyone loses their job but it happens. He sure didn't have any sympathy for Ann when they tossed her away like garbage. I guess he is learning a lesson in humility and the need to have empathy instead of being an opportunist with no loyalty. I always thought that Ann and Matt were close friends but the way he reacted to her being fired was shocking. I guess it's his turn to feel betrayed.