Anderson Cooper Considered as Matt Lauer Replacement: Report

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How would you like to wake up to the bluest eyes on television?

With Matt Lauer receiving more criticism than ever this week for the firing of Ann Curry - a New York article states their personal feud led to Curry's ousting - Deadline reports that Anderson Cooper was recently approached to replace Lauer as lead anchor of Today.

Anderson Cooper, Blue Eyes

HOWEVER, Cooper balked when he learned Lauer was never contacted about his meeting with the network.

Sources say the CNN reporter was asked about taking over for Lauer when the host's contract expires in 2014 and that Cooper presumed he had Lauer's blessing to consider the job.

But Lauer only heard about this after NBC discussed it with Cooper, which led to an awkward call between current host and potential future host... and which caused Cooper to take his name out of the running.

So, yes, NBC pretty much blew it again.

Along with Cooper, Ryan Seacrest, Willie Geist and David Gregory are considered the leading contenders for the top Today seat if/when Lauer leaves.

And where will Lauer go after his contentious time at NBC is over? Rumors connect him with Jeopardy! once Alex Trebek retires.

Would you want to see Anderson Cooper as host of Today?


Matt Lauer is really glib.....Tom Cruise says no to Matt and yes to Anderson.....he is what you need NBC hands down


NBC really needs to take a good look at its self.
So out of touch with the real viewers. It was a
disgrace to can Ann on air with that smug Matt
sitting right there and FAKE a hug like he really
cared. Anderson would be a ray of sunshine but
what about some of the other anchors? Gayle
Gyardo, Kathie Lee...clean up all the morning


Dave Garroway would be ashamed. The whole line up has sucked since Katie came on. I had hoped that once she was gone, the show would revive. Maybe if the politics wasn't so in your face...................


where ever Matt Lauer goes....I WILL NOT WATCH. He is out of touch with people and arrogant unlike Anderson Cooper. Karma is a bitch for what he contributed to Ann Currys firing. Rid of him or you will lose many of viewers. Not a nice person per American viewers......

@ Dolores

Dolores...I (like Patty) also totally agree with you!!!!! That Matt Lauer is nothing but an arrogant and insufferable WINDBAG!!!!! Remember, that's part of the reason as to why Meredith Vieira eventually quit and left The Today Show...she had enough of Matt and his very stupidly suck-ass and pompous ways. One of these days, Lauer is gonna get his. KARMA KARMA!!!!!

@ Dolores

You couldnt have said ir any better!!! Totally agree wirh you!

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