Amazing Race B-52 Bomber Prop Sparks Outrage From Vietnam Veterans

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CBS is under fire for using a wrecked B-52 bomber as a prop on last Sunday's episode of its long running reality hit The Amazing Race - in Vietnam.

TAR B-52

Last week's leg of the Race featured a segment in which the contestants raced around the wreckage of a B-52 shot down during the Vietnam War.

The downed plane was then put on display in Hanoi as a “memorial.”

Earlier, the contestants sat under a portrait of communist leader Ho Chi Minh and sat through a musical concert by young people singing a patriotic song.

For Vietnam.

The lyrics included: “Vietnam Communist party is glorious ... Socialism is growing more beautiful with time. Follow the party’s step. Be loyal. Be pure.”

The segment in the Vietnamese capital city, while only a part of the episode, sparked outcry from the American Legion, among other organizations.

“The show is called ‘The Amazing Race’ but I call it ‘The Amazing Gall,’” American Legon National Commander James E. Koutz said in a letter to CBS.

He called the segment a “disgraceful slap-in-the face administered to American war heroes” and scolded CBS for showing the Vietnamese singing group.

CBS officials declined to comment yesterday when contacted by The Post.

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................."Platoon" revived?


how disgraceful the amazing race is to the vietnam
vets that service our country. i can not believe it. i was a fan until now and the memorial of the b-52 what a disgrace


All these whiners should get a life. That B-52 belongs to Vietnam now so stop crying. Hahahahaha

@ Charles Wayne

That is a disgraceful urn patriotic statement! Even if you disagree with the war it was Americans sent by their leadership who lost their lives and spent years imprisoned! Sham on you!

@ Aggie90

Charles must not have served in the military or he would not make such comments.


Hey CBS. You're history in my house


CBS & The Amazing Race is a disgrace to the United States of America and our brave soldiers. Especially our beloved & brave Viet Nam vets. Beverly Goodlin proud wife of Viet Nam vet Don Goodlin

Nancy campana

a slap in the face to all those who served, and to those who were lost, in the Viet Nam conflict

@ Nancy Campana

Thank you for your service.


Unbelievable. Glorifying Ho Chi Minh and trivialize the deaths of the B-52 crew members to boot. What's next? A treasure hunt around the graves of those who lost their lives on Omaha Beach?

Marina rush

I am done with Amazing Race and CBS.