Amazing Race B-52 Bomber Prop Sparks Outrage From Vietnam Veterans

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CBS is under fire for using a wrecked B-52 bomber as a prop on last Sunday's episode of its long running reality hit The Amazing Race - in Vietnam.

TAR B-52

Last week's leg of the Race featured a segment in which the contestants raced around the wreckage of a B-52 shot down during the Vietnam War.

The downed plane was then put on display in Hanoi as a “memorial.”

Earlier, the contestants sat under a portrait of communist leader Ho Chi Minh and sat through a musical concert by young people singing a patriotic song.

For Vietnam.

The lyrics included: “Vietnam Communist party is glorious ... Socialism is growing more beautiful with time. Follow the party’s step. Be loyal. Be pure.”

The segment in the Vietnamese capital city, while only a part of the episode, sparked outcry from the American Legion, among other organizations.

“The show is called ‘The Amazing Race’ but I call it ‘The Amazing Gall,’” American Legon National Commander James E. Koutz said in a letter to CBS.

He called the segment a “disgraceful slap-in-the face administered to American war heroes” and scolded CBS for showing the Vietnamese singing group.

CBS officials declined to comment yesterday when contacted by The Post.


I believe that the intent of the Amazing Race is to help us experience other cultures. We may not agree, but that is still their life.

@ Culturalawareness

Completely agree.


As a retired Navy pilot who lost friends over Vietnam, I can not believe that you would use a site where the Vietnamese celebrate the death of American military as a happy stopping point for your TV show. It is unconscionable. You should be ashamed. I will never watch your show again, and all of my fellow military feel the same, and will spread the word. Shame on you.


I think its a disgrace that the communist People of CBS, Want to show there Total disreguard for any type of civilized respect for the veterans of this country ! You like Vietnam so much move there, And get the hell off our tv stations.

Kristin lee hayes

CBS -- You ashame me and my father. who is a vietnam vet.. Boo on you!!


American vets a little bit sensitive. The vets should not feel dishonor. Why? All of you did your best in that time frames. You did not created the war you just did your duties. The one who have been "dishonor"were in "Washington" who did not know how, what to do. They did bad for you, for your friends, and betrayed the ally. Especially Herry Kissinger a Judad of America.


UNBELIEVABLE! Very disappointed and CBS is now off our viewing agenda.

@ Babbles

You sound a mite bit babbling, there, "Babbles". You appear to be illiterate and perhaps either a Communist dink sympathizer or a Communist dink yourself, "Babbling", uh, "Babbles". As that great American Forrest Gump was asked on more than one occasion, only pertains more to you and your sort more than it ever did to Forrest Gump..."Are you stupid or something?" In which case, "Babbling", uh, "Babbles", you're supposed to say "Stupid is as stupid does." And as everyone who isn't a dink can tell by now, you are.


Very disappointed at the insensitivity of the shows producers at using a downed B52, bomber where several men died and other were taken captive, as a back drop for their show. Also including a production of young folks praising their communist country with a murderous leader as a back drop, was in very poor taste. The amazing Race producers owe an apology to our Vietnam Vets and their families.


If they refuse to see that this is wrong, we need to vote by refusing to watch their network. People DIED there. American people. What in the world is wrong with them?


And still no apology? Typical Hollywood elitist attitude. These producers, and by association, CBS, should be ashamed and should have apologized. How they even thought this was acceptable is beyond me. Bye bye Amazing Race. Go sit with Hanoi Jane.


You should know where those B-52s delivered their payloads and downed? That "memorial" is in the premise of the Bach Mai Hospital. We are by no mean trivialize the subject matter. It was war, the civies didn't choose to have their places bombed eh.

@ Trieu

Yes, God bless Ho Chi Minh who placed his missile silos in the midst of the North's civilian population. To be fair I guess we should adopt CBS's logic and dance on the graves of the non combatants as well.

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