Amazing Race B-52 Bomber Prop Sparks Outrage From Vietnam Veterans

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CBS is under fire for using a wrecked B-52 bomber as a prop on last Sunday's episode of its long running reality hit The Amazing Race - in Vietnam.

TAR B-52

Last week's leg of the Race featured a segment in which the contestants raced around the wreckage of a B-52 shot down during the Vietnam War.

The downed plane was then put on display in Hanoi as a “memorial.”

Earlier, the contestants sat under a portrait of communist leader Ho Chi Minh and sat through a musical concert by young people singing a patriotic song.

For Vietnam.

The lyrics included: “Vietnam Communist party is glorious ... Socialism is growing more beautiful with time. Follow the party’s step. Be loyal. Be pure.”

The segment in the Vietnamese capital city, while only a part of the episode, sparked outcry from the American Legion, among other organizations.

“The show is called ‘The Amazing Race’ but I call it ‘The Amazing Gall,’” American Legon National Commander James E. Koutz said in a letter to CBS.

He called the segment a “disgraceful slap-in-the face administered to American war heroes” and scolded CBS for showing the Vietnamese singing group.

CBS officials declined to comment yesterday when contacted by The Post.


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get over it


I must have missed the part when they had the contestants burn American flags. Sheesh - they showed the crashed plane for all of about eight seconds. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone today is LOOKING to be offended.

@ Ed

Really! I am a retired US Air Force Senior MSgt and served for 35 years. Although I do like the Amazing Race, I found this episode highly offensive! Many young Americans lost their lives in Viet Nam. CBS use of an aircraft that military members may have died is disgusting to me. I do not know what in the hell they were thinking.


As a Viet Nam vet I was more than outraged by the Viet Nam episode. What were they thinking to use the B52 crash site as a backdrop with no mention to the fate of the crew?? Don't they realize that this a memorial celebrating killing US serviceman, not a memorial to the crew?? Just another example of the dimwits in Hollywood these days.


I was very much an adult during the Vietnam War plus my dad, my brother and my boyfriend were all over there. We must learn to respect other cultures and I think the intent of AR is to show us other cultures in an entertaining way. My dad, a military man for life, loved other cultures and had a lot of respect for their beliefs. I think he'd agree with me on this.


I admit to being torn on this one. They're showing the world as is it, after all, and I've always felt the show leaves politics out of things. I did feel a little uncomfortable during the singing of the anthem, but reminded myself that these people - such young singers, especially - deserve to have, and demonstrate, national pride. I have to admit to not having paid close attention to the monument. It was not the best choice of site. Still, I've always found "The Amazing Race" to be fair-minded and open and enthusiastic about all cultures; they get a pass from me on this incident, particularly given their gracious apology.


I think it's a disgrace that you believe there is something wrong with Vietnam because it is not YOUR country. Here is a bit of news, not everything revolves around the you. U.S.-Vietnam relations are actually pretty good right now. It was a war. There are always at least two sides to every war and just because someone is/WAS not on your side, doesn't mean that they're evil. I don't hate you for living in Texas just because my state used to be on the opposite side of the so-called 'Civil War'. You people disgust me. We're supposed to be about equality now, not hate. Get over yourselves.

@ Tav-El

Cultural awareness is a good thing but when an american (???) TV show goes to a site where american heroes died and their deads are celebrated by the Hanio gov't who also murdered millions of civilian and thousands of americian who fought to preserve the liberty of the south - then that is crossing the line. Americans need to be a better student of history.


Last week's episode brought back the unbearable pain of losing my husband all over again, worse, cause it was used for entertainment. My first husband was a Green Beret Medic in Vietnam. The helicopter he was in was shot down, he and 3 other men were killed. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but the these comments are from people who did not experience living in the Vietnam era. Please have some respect for the Vets are died and there families. I will never watch Amazing Race again.


Has it been such a long period of time that the media suits have turned a blind eye (read logo) to this tragic time in our military history? Just another backhanded slap to our Vietnam war veterans. Shame on CBS.


It's their country and part of the expirence. We don't get all rowdy when Canadians sing their national anthem at our hockey games, there's no reason for this outrage.

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