Adrienne Maloof: Brandi Glanville is Why I Quit

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Adrienne Maloof’s refusal to attend The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special, and to quit the show altogether, can be summed up in two words:

Brandi Glanville.

Very Maloof
Brandi Smile

“The final straw was Brandi bringing up my children. She got her kicks out of trying to humiliate me,” she told Us Weekly of her decision to walk.

“I made it very clear [to producers] from episode one that I wouldn’t do the series if my kids were involved in any way,” she said about her outrage.

Bravo exec Andy Cohen was less than pleased, saying on the reunion show: “Adrienne Maloof’s final act as a Housewife was NOT showing up tonight.”

She says she was approached, and explained her side.

“I said I couldn’t. And what was I going to do at the reunion? Sit there and say, ‘Can’t talk. Under gag order?’ It would have been very boring. I believe Andy gets it.”

Maloof recalls telling Andy Cohen, “I’m so upset with [Brandi Glanville], I don’t know what I’ll say. Knowing I was leaving, I wanted to leave with dignity.”


Brandi glanville is trash . She lies and hurts everyone
she comes into contact with. She had no business
telling addrianes business. She also said Kim was on
Meth. She has no class at all. She is such a lowlife
Get rid of her.
Thanks sharon coffman


Oh brother. That's just an excuse. I used to love Adrienne--thought she and Paul were funny. Now all I see is a vengeful woman, who forced Brandi to hire an attorney for her lawsuit then denied it. I lost all respect for Adrienne.


Brandi glanville is trash and has no
Class. All she wants yo do is start
Gossip and hurt people. She is
desperate for attention and doesn't
care who she hurts. She is worse
than an animal. They don't hurt..
She is vicious. Get rid of her
I want addriane back
Thanks sharon coffman


Brandi brings ratings to the show....she needs this job as this is the only way she can make a living other than prostitution which I assume she is really good at....


Bully=a person who attacks another to make their lives miserable and to make themselves feel better because they are unhappy and miserable themselves.
Brandi Glanvillre


So will try this again. My previous post was deleted. Why?? Adrienne you didn't honor your contract with Bravo. You quit. You say it is because of Brandi, gag order, your kids. Pick one. Which is it?? It will be nice to not see you. BTW. You had your kids in the opening of each show.


brandy is a disgusting person she said on the reunion show admitted she lie she said there was no letter sent to her it was sent to a friend of her that makes her a big liar Andy Cohen is disgusting for letting her get away would lie Bravo needs to get rid of her she's turned this show in true trash TV

@ Donna

Amen! Brandi totally changed the show and not in a good way.

@ romsx9x

Brandi might be vulgar & a bit crude however, she is NOT a liar or bully. The hoof used her financial means to silence her critics. Her arrival at Lisa &Kens 30 yr vow renewal perfection summed up this narcissist. Who besides the Hoof would go into another person's home, refuse to walk up to the hosts and then hold court? I just hope the human stain didn't ruin any more of Lisa's furniture. See ya Adrienne - the perfect analogy that class does NOT equate with money!

@ Annette

Brandi is definitely a LIAR, a big fat liar. For the whose season she swore she was being sued and that was a lie. For the last part of the season when confronted with the fact that nobody could find the filing of the lawsuit she cried about, she then said that she had received a C&D letter, another lie, she never received any letter.
Her friend Geneva, who happens to be Adriennne's ex-lawyer and partner is the one who received the letter because she was the one giving Brandi all this info about Adrienne, info that she had learned as part of her professional relationship with the Maloofs.
Brandi is a huge liar and so is Bravo, with their bias editing they helped Brandi to perpetuate the lie and so did Lisa, she had to know Brandi was lying when she couldn't show her any lawsuit file or even show her a simple C&D letter.
Adrienne reacted badly and threw a tamtrum and refused to film, she has a creep chef who is a lunatic and a friend like Faye who is out of her rocker but that doesn't chnage the fact that one person has lied, lied and lied some more during the whole season about a legal process that never happened and that is Brandi Trashville, shame on her. Not only did she get to reveal a secret that affected children's life in her petty and childish fight, but then on top of fact she got to play the poor victim and all the time it was all BS.

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