6-Month-Old Shot, Dies of Multiple Bullet Wounds

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A horrific story out of Chicago today, as a six-month girl named Jonylah Watkins has died from bullet wounds suffered Monday when she was shot five times while her dad changed her diaper.

6 month old

According to witnesses, a gunman opened fire on Jonathan Watkins around 1 p.m. when he was standing alongside his minivan, caring for his child in the front seat.

Police are investigating the incident, which left Jonathan with gun shots in his side and buttocks and which was NOT the first time this family was faced with such a crime.

Jonylah's mother, Judy, was shot in the knee while pregnant with Jonylah, according to the woman's mother, Mary Young.

"There's too much shooting over there," Young told journalists Monday, adding of her granddaughter: "She's nothing but 6 months old. How could anybody... what kind of heart?"

Jonathan remains in critical care and is expected to survive, while Jonylah's fatal wounds were in her thigh, shoulder, lung, liver and bowels.


I don't condone violence and I rarely believe an eye for an eye is the answer but seriously I would get a gun myself and shoot his a$$ off!


This a complete and utter TRAGEDY...What a LOSS...HW.


I have 3 words for that cold-hearted and heartless punk-ass gunman...THE ELECTRIC CHAIR!!!!! Fry his no-good ass already!!!!! Case closed.


who does this? what kind of sick fuck would shoot a 6 month old baby girl or any kid at that. makes me wonder what where the parents up to that they got themselves in this kind of trouble and it's also the parents fault that this lil girl is dead, as parents they shouldn't have been doing what they were doing if they were and risk their kids life. :( this is so sad. poor lil baby. this baby girl is with god and at least there she will be safe and at peace. but still so sad.


Omg. Rest well baby girl. What a horrific way for her to die.


but americans don't even trust their neighbours, so carry a gun to protect your family............IDIOTS!!