Vanessa Hudgens on Nude Photo Scandal: That Sucked!

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Hey, remember that Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal?

The actress would rather you did not.

Vanessa Hudgens Paper Magazine Pic

"That was such a shitty situation, that sucked," Hudgens tells the latest issue of Paper of the 2007 incident that she' deemed "by far the worst moment of my career."

Hudgens merely sent then-boyfriend Zac Efron some sexy photos back in the day, but the subsequent leaking of these naked pics on the Internet nearly cost Vanessa her role in High School Musical 3.

Fast forward five years, however, and the 24-year old is now starring in Spring Breakers opposite James Franco and Selena Gomez.

Did the nude picture controversy actually propel Hudgens toward her goal of more mature roles? She won't say that, but she will appear genuinely excited over the path her career is on:

"Ever since I was young, I wanted to play really heavy and intense roles and really push myself in a dramatic direction."

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I've recently watched Vanessa Hudgens Sex Tape!
Check it out here: Vanessa Hudgens Sex Tape (full version)

I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


Vanessa Hudgins to tell you the truth we all make mistakes that's why they put erasers on pencils I still think you're a terrific actress


Well, maybe she should stop taking fucking nude pictures of herself? They didn't get "leaked". She released them. She had movies about to be released during all three nude photo scandals, and of course they propelled her career, even if she won't admit it. That was the whole point of the photos.