USPS Cuts Saturdays; Weekend Service to End August 1

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The USPS will end first-class mail service this summer after 150 years in a cost-saving maneuver. The move to cut Saturdays will be announced today.

The switch from six days a week to five only affects first-class mail; packages, mail-order medicines, priority and express mail will still get delivered.


Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) says the move will save the struggling US Postal Service, which lost $16 billion last year alone, about $2 billion a year.

The Postal Service has lost $41 billion over the past six years as more and more Americans turned to private shippers, email, and online banking.

To save money, the Postal Service also slashed hours of service at about half the nation's 26,000 post offices and trimmed its workforce by 35 percent.

But it wasn't enough.

"Look, they're in survival mode," Coburn said, calling the move inevitable. "They're losing $25 million dollars a day. A day. They have to do something."

As per 1984 law, Congress must authorize the USPS to make any cut in service, but the move is believed to have strong bipartisan support (for once).

Coburn said the public will approve and benefit, and that there's a consensus among political leaders as well that this is a change that must happen:

"This change has bipartisan support. President Obama has repeatedly called for moving to five-day delivery of mail, most recently in his FY 2013 budget."

What do you think of the USPS cutting Saturday service?


"will save ... [the USPS] ... $2 billion a year" -- in other words, less money than the U.S. government spent each WEEK on military operations in Iraq. The total cost of that war will reach $3,000,000,000,000 -- enough to cover the USPS deficit for the next 180 years. .... This was a war against a country that did not attack the U.S. or threaten the U.S., a country that was cooperating with the U.N. and desperately suing for peace when the U.S. attacked. .... The war cost 4,500 American lives and a million Iraqi lives, and shattered our economy, yet the people who exploited our fear and lied us into this war have yet to pay any penalty. Instead, the penalty will be paid by the USPS, and by "we the people", as we lose both our freedom and our postal services.


Lance Armstrong quit u.s. postal sevice.
they aparently couldn't live without him.

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