THG Couples Championship: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart vs. Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev!

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Welcome to the 2nd annual Tournament of THG: Couples Edition! With Valentine's Day looming, it's time for you to decide the most popular celebrity couple!

We started with 16 couples, and are now down to two. Reader votes decide the winner! How to play: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. Done.

The winning pair is guaranteed to suck ... YOUR BLOOD! It's Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart against Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev! VOTE:

And the Winner is?

Rob & Kristen vs. Ian & Nina: Which couple do you love more? Vote now in our final round to decide the Tournament of THG Couples champions! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Rob & Kristen

Ian & Nina

Total Votes: 37837

Apparently, vampires are popular, and these four have great chemistry and are very good looking. Will the Twilight tandem or Vampire Diaries duo prevail?

Only time, and your votes, will tell. The winner will be revealed MONDAY, so vote early and often! Here's the Tournament of THG Couples field:

Bracket Couples F
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Whats wrong with the people?! always judging kristen?! slut?! cheating,lying?! She's not perfect! She's a human like you too! duh?! use your own mind! even though kristen cheats on rob! Its actually normal for couole cause sometimes you've got to go through in some challenges in a relationship to make it stronger... Kristen isn't perfect like anyone else in this world, She does mistakes too like lying,cheating etc like us... Nobody is being honest all the time, Yeah She make nude in movies but doesn't mean she's a slut or whore Its her job and she is an actress she's doing what the director says! Im not saying this to you to vote RobSten... Im saying this cause judging people doen't make sense at all.


Im so tired of people defending kristen Stewart...shes a lying,cheating,whore and now she is paying for's 100% her fault!


I'm really tired of hearing people say that kristen is a pesssoa bad and that is a traitor actually think that Robsten are going through a difficult time, like any normal couple, Robsten prefer, despite the ups and downs they have a connection and if you look well, you realize that the story of them caused them to meet and be together, then I believe they are one of the best couples in Hollywood today, because despite being suffocated by the media they try to keep the class and take their relationship away from the cameras, and I think this is not the right of anyone to speak ill of her, because we do not know what's wrong with them, the media invents bastante.O I think nina and Ian, do not see much about them but they seem to me a couple imitation, I think they are an imitation of Robsten, do not see much emotion neles.ian this always with the same expression, does not change, what I think is that Robsten is the best and that people should stop speaking ill of him or why kristen not know anything about life and leaving them out there talking trash, so a tip is for stupid people and they do not take care of your life!!
obs: reminding fans of Ian and Nina who do not have anything against them

@ Iza

Ian and Nina are an imitation?? of rob and kristen?? consider me offended!!!! because they are not and you need to get it with because nian is the new hotter thing that's blowing robsten straight out of the water. an imitation please just like tvd is an imitation of twilight i'm literally over this and idc what anyone says Ian and Nina are flawless your theories, assumpution, opinions and everything you spew from your mind onto this blog about nian are not only invalid they are absolutely irrelevant...ian and nina will win and they will not be cheated again!

@ Jaimee

Oh SNAP! u go Jamiee ;-)


robsten,of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Claro que é Robsten !Sempre vai ser eles,hahaha :)


I love both! so who ever win doesn't matter.


Robsten <3 todo el rato! osea, Vampire Diaries fue una imitacion de Crepúsculo, y la originalidad de este conlleva la de los protagonistas. No hay que ser un experto para ver que Kris y Rob son el uno para el otro, y todo lo que hagan juntos será bueno y bonito, porque ellos tienen una verdadera conexión, sin plagios.


Robsten s2


Nian all the way. And i have a million reasons to prove that.
There is something strange in Robsten relationship. They broke up, then they are together again, and then broke up again. and that happens all the time. actually, we don't see them as a happy couple, at least I don't. they are not supportive with each other, they don't look like they are in love. there is no passion and chemistry between them. all i see is twilight saga PR. sorry, but it is what it is. i really tried to know them as a REAL couple, but no, no way. she cheats on him, then he rocks out in a different clubs..that is not what relationships should be like. there is no love, tenderness, support. nothing at all.
bit Nian..this is a different story. This a story of true love. i mean, c'mon guys, every on of us wants relationships like this! the way they look at each other, with that love and warm, the way they treat each other, support, and they are always there for each other. they are family. he knows and loves her family, and she loves his. they are always together, but what i like about them, they keep their relationship private. if they are somewhere together, they don't share a picture of them together on twitter, we all know that they are together only from a source, only from a people, who met them. and i love that. i respect their privacy. but when we finally get their pictures, we can see how they are really in love. their body languages, their care for each other makes me wanna cry and dream about love like that. they make me smile. and i'm happy because of them. i get a million emotions from them. they are positive couple, and that i can't say about Robsten.
that is all. that is my opinion. i think, many people will agree with me.
so, bitch please, nian are the winners. best couple ever.

@ Camilla

I love you thank you for the speaking the truth Nian even beat brangelina for some best couple thing they are poo soo take a big whiff haters nian is the shizz Nian Ftw!!!!

@ Camilla

Nina and Ian, in my opnion, are not in the same league as Rob and Kristen. I don't think it is fair to put down one over the other. You do not have an iota of knowledge or clue of their private lives. The only thing you know is what is being fed by the tabs and gossip sites to gullible people like you. If you love ian and Nina better, then that's your prerogative. I love Rob and Kristen as a couple for a number of reasons, none of which have anything to do with Ian and Nina.
People need to stop the hate and the bashing. It just shows your limitations as human beings. We are all sinners but we don't all have our sins played out and judged in front of the world with no let up.

@ Camilla

i LOVE what you said about NIAN! Nian all the way!! I don't care if they lose to Robsten on this poll (ok, maybe a bit) but we ALL know in reality they're the best couple ever!!


kristen e robert!!ok?

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