THG Couples Championship: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart vs. Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev!

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Welcome to the 2nd annual Tournament of THG: Couples Edition! With Valentine's Day looming, it's time for you to decide the most popular celebrity couple!

We started with 16 couples, and are now down to two. Reader votes decide the winner! How to play: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. Done.

The winning pair is guaranteed to suck ... YOUR BLOOD! It's Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart against Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev! VOTE:

And the Winner is?

Rob & Kristen vs. Ian & Nina: Which couple do you love more? Vote now in our final round to decide the Tournament of THG Couples champions! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Rob & Kristen

Ian & Nina

Total Votes: 37837

Apparently, vampires are popular, and these four have great chemistry and are very good looking. Will the Twilight tandem or Vampire Diaries duo prevail?

Only time, and your votes, will tell. The winner will be revealed MONDAY, so vote early and often! Here's the Tournament of THG Couples field:

Bracket Couples F

rob an kriss i love you so much robsten <3


robsten ♥


People love to judge others but do not like when people judge elas.Vi kristen calling a whore, and a lack of you do not like, there is not any problem, but it is good to respect people want to be respected.


NIAN forever!

@ Азиза

Nian forever, robsten - gavno :DD

@ Juliya

100%)правду говоришь)

Klaudia len

Are Kristen and Robert even a couple? Last time I heard they were breaking up again. Last twitches of a dying Robsten. I vote for Nian because they're super cute and clearly in love. But they don't stab you in the eyes with their relationship, they keep things private.

@ Klaudia Len

It's not your job to say if they are a couple or not... Obviously you are one of those people who believe in everything written by People or OK!.. But what they write is alsways BULLSHIT! Don't forget:Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and ACCEPTED BY IDIOTS... And obviously you don't know Rob and Kristen because in our opinion they are very much cute and in love too... Everyone has different opinions and we respect that you love Nian so you should respect that we love Rob and Kristen...

@ ayli

WOOW.. She's just saying what she knows about Rob and Kristen nothing more. And when you're saying "you don't know Rob and Kristen", do YOU know them? I don't think so...


i used to be fan of robsten but becoz of cheater kristen now i am the only fan of our cute robert


чья бы корова мычала. Кристен и Роберт самая настоящая пара во всем мире.У них самые настоящие, истиные чувства. А то, что они не показывают свою любовь на показ я считаю что это правильно.Неважно что думают другие. Самое главное они знают что любят друг друга а на остальных им наплевать.Я считаю что пара прошедшая через все трудности становиться сильнее и никто ни одна тварь ни стихийное бедствие ничто ни сможет разрушить их любовь. Я горжусь Робертом и Кристен. Они супер пара!!!


I used to be a huge fan of robsten but that changed.... half the time they dont even act like there in a relationship so why would i vote for two people in a couples contest when they dont even act like one. if it was anyone we should be voting for with the two together would be as there movie characters they show more affection for each other than in real life. But Nian they dont hide, they admitted to there relationship they just tell them they want there privacy. so my vote is Nian cuz they are an actual couple


robsten SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nian is TRUE LOVE <3

@ erika

this is true))Nian the best!!!!


Robsten claro lan y nina son una farsa solo las robsecionadas y las krisbian defenderemos a robsten

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