THG Couples Championship: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart vs. Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev!

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Welcome to the 2nd annual Tournament of THG: Couples Edition! With Valentine's Day looming, it's time for you to decide the most popular celebrity couple!

We started with 16 couples, and are now down to two. Reader votes decide the winner! How to play: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. Done.

The winning pair is guaranteed to suck ... YOUR BLOOD! It's Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart against Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev! VOTE:

And the Winner is?

Rob & Kristen vs. Ian & Nina: Which couple do you love more? Vote now in our final round to decide the Tournament of THG Couples champions! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Rob & Kristen

Ian & Nina

Total Votes: 37837

Apparently, vampires are popular, and these four have great chemistry and are very good looking. Will the Twilight tandem or Vampire Diaries duo prevail?

Only time, and your votes, will tell. The winner will be revealed MONDAY, so vote early and often! Here's the Tournament of THG Couples field:

Bracket Couples F

you guys were not voting on the characters.... the actual actos... and I'm not fighting like i know one is better than the other. all I do know is I like NIAN better then Robsten for many reason since they dont cheat on each other is one big one and I dont like Kristen. Other than that There all cute couples but I LOVE NIAN!! :) especially Ian Somerhalder and what he does for humanity. and Nina and Ian show love to there fans. and this is coming from an ex robsten...


Нина и Йен-лучшая пара!!!!!!они просто прелесть!!


ian & nena omg


Кристен и Роберт самая настоящая пара. Вот у них настоящая любовь. Что ни смотря ни на все преграды и ненавистников они вместе. Робстен золотая пара!!!!!!


Ian and Nina are the best they are much better than your Patinsonov and Stewart,I LOVE NIAN


People here are talking like they know both couples. Oh they are better, or they are super in love, do you really know them?? Both couples have a lot of common, more than you think. They only difference is that ROBSTEN are more famous (so more people talking about them, more paparazzis, more tabloids etc) than Nina and Ian, but a laugh very hard when you say oh they are more in love than the other, again WE DO KNOW NOTHING. In fact fans know nothing about people they ship. I feel like fans live in an alternative world where everything is perfect and you have magazines, internet sites that its purpose is fanservice.

@ sylvia

"More than you think". lol. You are in the same boat. Always shooting your mouth off, but you also know nothing. I've seen your type of comments on sites trying to prove Nian aren't what they say they are, just fanservice.....same comments for two years now, over and over again, while they are holidaying the world together and still going strong.


I like both pairs judging by the movie :) But Nina and Ian just a super  :)) I love them: ***


nian!!! all the way.. forever! Most gorgeous couple ever. Robsten is nothing compared to them. Sorry. Just saying: ))


RobSten Forever!!


♥ Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder ♥

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