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By now, fans have likely read (or deliberately avoided) The Bachelor spoilers floating out there for months now ... but if you haven't, well, buckle up!

With only two women left, speculation is reaching a fever pitch. Who does Sean Lowe get engaged to on the March 11 finale, and are they still together?

This week's overnight dates raised the stakes as we head into the March 11 (the Women Tell All special airs March 4) finale. So which lucky girl wins?

AshLee Frazier, Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter each formed strong bonds with Sean, yet in very different ways. Sadly, one had to go last night.

It's hard to predict which way he's leaning now, with one episode left ... well, unless you simply know ahead of time, which is why you're reading this, isn't it?

So follow the jump to learn how the final two episodes shake out:

Consider this your final WARNING: The Bachelor spoilers await!

No, really ... avert your eyes now or don't blame us, because ...

Bachelor Final 3
  • AshLee Frazier is eliminated after the overnight dates.
  • Lindsay Yenter finishes as the runner-up this season.
  • Catherine Giudici is the winner of the final rose.
  • Sean Lowe proposes to her on the finale.
  • She says yes. They're engaged.

According to the great Reality Steve, he who has been breaking The Bachelor spoilers for YEARS now, you can "1,000 percent" take this to the bank.

100 percent would be sufficient, but we get his point.

Reportedly, AshLee does not take the rejection well next week, and this makes for one of the most heart-wrenching exits in the history of the ABC franchise.

Also, there is a "moral line in the sand" drawn in the Fantasy Suite process for the first time, as "born-again virgin" Sean is reluctant to sleep with the women.

Gotta respect the man for that, but that doesn't mean eliminating them is any easier. After AshLee exits, Lindsay and Catherine meet Sean's family.

There is no big twist at this season's final rose ceremony, with one being sent home early or someone from the past returning or anything of the sort.

Both girls approach Sean in Thailand, he chooses Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter is crushed - and probably the next Bachelorette by default.

And there you have it. Any additional details will be passed along as soon as we come across them, but The Bachelor spoilers have been on point so far.

If they were wrong now, we'd be surprised. Stranger things have happened, for sure (see Chantal vs. Emily), but we very much doubt it right here.

UPDATE, 2/26: Well, the crushing elimination of AshLee wasn't wrong. Think the final result of Catherine over Lindsay will hold true as well? We'd bet on it.

UPDATE, 3/5/13: The Women Tell All offered a few surprises - notably AshLee calling out Sean for saying he had no feelings for Lindsay and Catherine.

He denied this. She insisted he said it. Awkwardness ensued.

Elsewhere, Desiree Hartsock looked like she was being set up as The Bachelorette, while Tierra LiCausi somehow managed to embarrass herself even more.

No changes to the reported ending of the season, though. It looks like things will play out exactly as expected when the winner is crowned next week.

What do you think of the alleged final rose choice? We'll find out 100 percent in two weeks, but assuming this is true: Did Sean make the right decision?

Who would you PREFER he picked? In your opinion, who would be the best fit for Sean Lowe and most deserving of that final rose on March 11?

UPDATE, 3/11/13: Yup, Catherine Giudici it is. After The Bachelor finale, it seemed like it may have been in doubt for awhile ... and sort of not really.

If you read this, well, it was pretty much on the money.

In the end, despite all the hype over the letter, it played out mostly like past seasons, with both of the final two appearing at the final rose ceremony.

Lindsay Yenter was rejected. It was so sad. Sean Lowe then gave his final rose to Catherine Giudici. He got down and proposed. They're engaged.

As for the infamous letter from all the promos? It ended up being a love letter. From Catherine. No real controversy at all. Classic Bachelor misdirection.

Oh, and the big announcement teased for almost three hours? They are still together and engaged ... and getting married on ABC at some point.

Also, Desiree Hartsock will be your next Bachelorette.

What do you think? Will Sean and Catherine last?


out of all 3 women, the batchellor again chooses the most unreliable, irresponsible woman lindsay should have won. catherine is a commitment phobic flake


For all those people out there who think ashley didn't have every right to be angry your wrong. She put herself completely out there with all her insecurities and Sean used her most fear against her, rejection. All the girls have had different childhoods that's what makes us who we are. Rejection was Ashley's greatest fear. He should of let her go a long time ago if he was looking for a fun care free person that wasn't her.

@ Brianna

If you watched the show tonight she looked plain crazy in the limo...Sean was right to cut her loose!!


I am sooo disapointed that Ashley got sent home, she was the first the dedicate her love to him and was the most mature and ready for love. She was the last one I expected to go home.Catherine didn't really express her love to him like the others.I am very upset!!

@ Heather

I bet your pussy's huge you whore! I saw at safeway and on a few porno's.

@ Basterd109

and you are pig shit


How quickly AshLee's love turned to anger. NOT sadness or disappointment but completely pissed!!!!
I'm sure Sean knows this is how his interactions would be like with her on an everyday bases. He made the right choice in sending her home.

@ islandgal

So true Islandgirl..glad you have 1/2 a brain!! Seems like Heather can use your good sense!!


Sean lead AshLee ON! he knew we wasn't going to give her a rose, he should have not let her go to the rose ceremony she was totally blind sided....Sean you where wrong for that!

@ *Shannon a.k.a. "Red"

Hell, somebody has to go to the rose ceremony. Be a big girl..hug the other girl's and gracefully exit!! Put on your big girl panties. Probably a thong making her make those faces in the limo!!

@ Nelly

Nelly, I agree. I get that AshLee was extremely "upset" with Sean, but to totally diss the other women and not even say goodbye to them was immature. She obviously has a hard time controlling her feelings when she doesn't get her way. What the hell is up with these women who sign up for this show - they know damn well that the bachelore ends up saying the same crap over and over to each one of them once it gets down to the final 3. Sean expressed his feelings a while ago that he does not like dramatic girls...AshLee is just way too high maintenance for him because of her abandonment issues. I feel sorry for her, but she kind of sucked the life out of milking her "issues" the entire time she's been there. Perhaps she should seek therapy in order to get over her distrust in people, otherwise, she will have major problems her whole life. For the record, I do like AshLee, I just think she has major issue that need to be addressed before she gets into any kind of serious relationship in the future. I mean, one good thing she has going for her is that she DID grow up with a wonderful mother and father who loved her very much from the moment they adopted her - that should count for something! JMO.


I think any of the three that are left would be fine as Sean's wife. I don't think he can go wrong picking any of them. AshLee is my least favorite of the three though. Either Catherine or Lindsay would be great as the winner or the next bachlorette!

@ Karen

And Ashlee had an annoying voice. In that video they did for Sean, it really showed up.


Please pick linsey. Catherine is young and playing u.I hope u see it! Unless u still want a young girl, catherine is not marrying type! She happy just to win! Linsey will make u a good wife u can she the look in her eyes! Catherine eyes are just fun in them! Wake uo Sean! Or dont get on your knee! You will be sorry! If u pick Catherine I like to see u in 6 months!

@ Wanda


@ Basterd109

Any of you whores want to fuck me tonight? 17429 SW September lane.

@ Basterd109

I got a 9 1/2 inch cock.


NO! He should've kept Leslie. They were so good together. Of these three? Lindsay, by far!


It's all chicken 'n biscuits


Sure...who really will care in a day or two :-)

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