The Bachelor Final Three: Who Should Sean Pick?

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After four hometown dates, tough questions and unexpected shenanigans from Desiree Hartsock's brother, The Bachelor's Sean Lowe has three women left.

Who will - and should - that final rose March 11?

See The Bachelor spoilers if you want to know if AshLee, Catherine or Lindsay (allegedly) wins. If not, well then let the speculation continue below!

Bachelor Final 3

We know the finale ends with Sean Lowe engaged. He's revealed as much, adding he's "incredibly content" with his choice. "I'm happy," he raves.

"I had some reservations going in [to the season], but I'm glad I did it."

So is it Lindsay Yenter, Catherine Giudici or AshLee Frazier?

Lindsay "showed me another side of her," this week, Sean tells Life & Style. "She's someone who has a lot of depth and wants the same things out of life I do."

AshLee "melted my heart" with her personal story, and "I wanted to just love her and be someone in her life who can take care of her," Sean confides.

Catherine is different from everbody else," he explains. "She's nerdy and a little weird, and I love that." Their chemistry, as fans know, is "undeniable."

So who do you think is the best fit for Sean? VOTE!


Highly disappointed I think he should have kept Ashlee because she really cared for Sean. He said to much leading Ashlee on. Don't like Catherine she don't seem like she is ready to settle down. She's very silly you can tell she's not marriage material. I feel sorry for Catherine they just don't match either to me.


On a promo or looks like he's left standing at the alter..with only a note to read. Well, actually it looked like a 1 page report!!


I am so disappointed in who the spoilers have predicted! I really tought Sean and Ashley have the same background and she is more mature then the other 2. They seem young and imature so can't believe he would pick one of the other 2.


I read the spoiler, & know who the winner is, but I will say this much, I was really suprised who Sean chooses. I really thought Desiree was the best match for him, & the sad thing here is, her brother was the one to ruin it for her.


Ugh I didn't have to see the spoilers "See The Bachelor spoilers if you want to know if AshLee, Catherine or Lindsay (allegedly) wins"

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