Taylor Swift vs. Carrie Underwood: Unexpected Feud Alert!

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They are both beautiful and talented blondes who have won a number of country music awards.

But that doesn't mean Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are best friends forever. Quite the contrary, in fact, according to Us Weekly sources.

  • Carrie Underwood is Pretty
  • Taylor Swift in France

"They hate each other," an insider alleges, explaining that Grammy executives were told to keep the stars apart this Sunday.

Underwood and Brad Paisley, as hosts, did mock Swift for her split with Conor Kenney at November's Country Music Association Awards.

And, overall, "Taylor feels Carrie is always rude to her, so she steers clear of her," an insider tells the magazine.

Swift, meanwhile, is expected to open this year's Grammy Awards. We'll be keeping a sharp eye on Underwood in the crowd as her bitter rival takes the stage.

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I love carrie Underwood I think these stars argue over the stupidest stuff Taylor swift causes her own break ups she needs to quit acting like she's better than everybody Carrie is one of the best country singers out there she don't head bang like Taylor swift Taylor needs to growup


I love carrie and taylor and i hope whatever is between them the can work it out. i can also relate alot to both their music in anytime of happiness, heartache, or a breakup. I been in a few bad relationships before i met my husband.


I love Taylor Swift, but I don't think they way she falls in love easily is good. But I won't judge. I'm so sad about what happen between her and carrie. They used to be friends when Taylor first came up to the music industry.


Sorry to any of you hardcore swifties, but this entire thing TAYLOR BROUGHT UPON HERSELF. She didn't have to date so many people she actually has a say. She screws up, whines about it and that's basically a lot of her music. And isn't it ironic that this is entirely on Taylor's defense? Plus in her cover interview for Allure, Carrie SPECIFICALLY said there was nothing between them. I know this is blown out of proportion for publicity but I don't blame Carrie if this is actually true, because Tayor and her love life are basically a joke now


To you who said after her first two albums she started writing about ex's and getting whiny, thats what her first two were also. I love taylor and carrie, but this year taylor went downhill and carrie has been busting ass. Now this might be bs for publicity, but I have never seen anything about taylor and carrie, so it was an interesting read.


Fued = Publicity. Not falling for it.


I personally think its funny..I used to be a fan of Taylor Swift's when she first came out w/her first 2 albums but after that when she started writing songs about her exes & complaining I lost all respect for her & her music yet funny & up beat..its rude & disrespectful..warning to all the other famous male celebs out there that are single..DONT DATE TAYLOR SWIFT!! YOU'LL BECOME HER NEXT SONG!! As for Carrie Underwood..I never liked her..She has & always will be a b*tch & her family is the same..I am ashamed to call myself an OKLAHOMAN because she gives everyone in this state born & raised a bad name..we dont act that way..

@ Samantha Essman

You look like you ate Carries family. Go exercise. Lol

@ Samantha Essman

What a mean thing to say! Do u know carrie and her family personally? Its so wrong to judge people. I have never heard any bad publicity from carrie underwood..ever!


Well, this article itself explains the maturity of the people in question. Whether or not this is true... (which I doubt it is) Look at who's making these "comments".. It's "TAYLOR feels..." There's not ONE that mentions "CARRIE feels..." It's obvious that this is a publicity stunt to make Taylor look like the victim and painting Carrie as the "bitch". Nice try Swifties.. Nice try.. We all know the truth.


woe! something is definitely wrong in the world! I'm in the majority for a change! :O Of Hollywood stars and all others, I find it difficult to see any real comparison between Switt and Underwood. And for those who have read my previous comments know my respect for stars is extremely limited. Switt is a teen twit idol. I never liked her, her music or her personal behavior. Underwood though I do like in each of those same categories. It was probably not a "politically correct" joke, but so fuggin what? Now..on the other hand..were the comments true? Well if the shoe fits.. wear it...and if ya can't do the time..dont do the crime. In Taylor's case..she's made her money on her back, then writing songs about her johns. What's to respect about that? And now she getting a taste of what she fishing out! Poor poor potty me Taylor Switt! It'll be the next song sung at the liberal inauguration convention! HA HA HA HA HA!


This too shall pass-meaning Swift will go the way of Leann Rhimes. Country music fans appear to have tired of her antics and POP music fans grow up and move beyond and will deny ever being a fan of Ms,. Swift. Taylor, a lesson that every person who breathes should always heed, you reap what you sow.