Tabloid: Melissa Gorga Cheated on Husband!!!

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The latest issue of Life & Style makes it as clear as can be: Melissa Gorga cheated on her husband, Joe.

According to the tabloid, Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers will find out this season that Gorga engaged in an affair with Brian “Bulldog” Bowen, an ex-boyfriend who will actually appear on upcoming episodes.

Melissa Gorga Tabloid Cover

“Bulldog claims to have a lot of dirt on Melissa, and some of it is already coming out," an insider says. "And the next season hasn't even started airing yet."

Another source, meanwhile, says Teresa Giudice and cast mates shared a meal on January 31 and "they were all talking about how she had an extramarital affair."

We mean... if that's not proof, you tell us what is!

A friend of Gorga's however, acknowledges that she dated Bulldog - but never during her marriage to Joe.

“This is only making Joe and me stronger,” Gorga tells Life & Style. “I can't even begin to keep track of all the lies. Everyone is coming for their 15 minutes of fame.”


Tre is a snake too, disgusting piece of work, there can be 2, Melissa & Tre. One does not have to be the angel!


Poor Joe Gorga, he spoils her to death, loves her, builds a studio for her & she whines "Joe, I wanted my microphone blinged out." That's when I knew, Run Joe run!!!!!!!!!


Theresa is no angel because Melissa may have cheated. They both can be bad people & I always thought Joe was too good to Melissa! So no team Tre, No team Melissa, Team Joe Gorga 4 me!


hey y'all who weote in to say teresa guidice is the trouble maker y'all are WRONG....melissa gorga is the TROUBLE MAKER....her own mother-in-law can prove it melissa is TRASH..LIAR.SNEEK..SNAKE..FAKE PHONY GOLD-DIGGER CANT SING..melissa is a CHEATER so..........DONT BLAME teresa for the CRAP melissa is doing...bye y'all


melissa gorga......she is a FAKE....a PHONY...a LIAR...a SNEEK ...a SNAKE...A STRIPPER...a CHEATER..and A GOLD-DIGGER..oh and UGLY!.., her FAKE NOSE....i feel sorry for her children...melissa gorga is also a BULLY and she CANT SING!


teresa guideice is REAL, as for melissa gorga....LOL...she was a STRIPPER and she did CHEAT while being MARRIED...


I can vow it's true & NOT planted by Teresa.


Wow...ANOTHER story planted by Teresa. How pathetic and desperate is she?!

@ Sammie

It's not planted.Its very true you can see it in her face.she dosnt look like a truthful person at all.

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