Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Watch and React Now!

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Kate Upton got all bubbly. Volkswagen told people to get happy. And some guy tried to sell a goat.

Yes, with Super Bowl XLVII now behind us, the attention can switch from San Francisco's pistol formation and Ray Lewis' irritating "last ride" to what really matters: THE COMMERCIALS!

Which car company made the best impression? What beer ad made you laugh the hardest? How hot is Danica Patrick?!?

Relive the best and worst ads now and sound off on your favorites:


I think that I like the solo Kate Upton and M&M's commercials the most.


The jeep commercial was the absolute best.


The Volkswagon guy in the commercial was the worst, want the Bud Bowl back, and the Clydesdale Horses, they have been with the superbowl since I can remember. Goat, get the car ad's off, in this economy who can afford an Audi. Doritos are great, more human and reach's the heart. Guy in the elevator was so annoying, awful voice. No not racist, people are too sensitive, it just was an stupid commercial. Who thinks of these things anyway.