Sinead O'Connor on Pope Benedict XVI Resignation: Good Riddance!

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With Pope Benedict XVI resigning effective at the end of this month, Sinead O'Connor would like to send a message to the soon-to-be departing pontiff.


Sinead O'Connor Close Up

The eccentric singer, who has been a long-time critic of this pope and the Catholic Church in general, posted a message to her official website today soon after learning of the news.

It reads:

I would like to congratulate Pope Benedict on his wise decision to retire before the very worst of what has been going on is discovered. I appreciate his alluding to some of it in his statement and assure him The Most High forgives those who can faithfully say they did wrong.

The church had been brought into dreadful disrepute by lies and blasphemies against The Holy Spirit. Benedict’s greatest achievement is this act of retiring. There is a chance now for the church to be re-built and made fit to house The Holy Spirit.

Pope Benedict XVI, of course, has come under major fire over the years for the hundreds of sex scandals facing priests across the globe.

What is your reaction to his leaving the post?

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