Rihanna Grammy Performance Gets a Standing Ovation From Chris Brown

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The cozy, cuddly PDA-fest of Rihanna and Chris Brown may have been the big story at the Grammys, but the songstress also made news with a pair of songs.

Rihanna teamed up with Mikky Ekko for a duet of "Stay," a performance much more and intimate than most of last night's fare at L.A.'s Staples Center.

First ever use of "tame" and Rihanna" in the same sentence?

Dressed in a black slip and surrounded by pillars, Rih crooned along to the tune and received a standing ovation from Chris Brown at the end.

Breezy was not as impressed by Frank Ocean's performance.

Rihanna also joined forces with Bruno Mars and Sting for a tribute to the late Bob Marley, who celebrated a posthumous birthday February 6.

Take a look at their collaboration after the jump!


Chris Brown is tangible proof of Evolution. He hasn't. He is a disgrace to his race and to men everywhere. His current ongoing behavior shows he is a violent Man Child who can not learn from his own history or the examples of others. Rihanna, like her mother before her, can not Climax without the anticipation of being beaten by her primate lover. She to is a disgrace and horrid role model to young women the world over. The fact that they even qualify as "Celebrities" is a Testament to how lacking entertainment is in America and the morals of not only the media but those who follow them - and the deprived minds of those who try to defend them.


................FRANK IS THE MAN.


haaahahahahahahahahahaha, he was the only one, folks!!

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