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People get robbed, killed, and raped in South Africa on a regular basis. 25% unemployment, riots, uprisings. It's a gorgeous location with great people, but really dangerous! It's devastating in every way!...

@ SA

I'm not trying to knock South Africa. It's one of the most beautiful, exotic locales on the planet. But, along with the extreme beauty, there are inherent extreme risks--as part of daily life. I wouldn't say life is cheap, but it is dramatic there...
As I recall, beautiful actress Charlize Theron rose to Oscar-winning fame as a stunner, but growing up in South Africa, she witnessed her mother murder her father, no less! wow... That ethos seems to run in the blood there!...


Often people who are so talented and extraordinary in some areas can be lacking in other areas... He did things that most people could not and his condition could create more stress for him, certainly.

This is one dramatic case. I also think that Mr. Pistorius may not have been able to handle the massive amount of fame he suddenly experienced in a healthy manner.

Any let down or rejection may have been too much for him to handle after his astonishing life circumstances!

Plus, she was really beautiful, accomplished, and promising to the point of being unrealistic... If he thought of her as some kind of female icon,or just a possession, or extension of his Ego, instead of a real person after only 4 months, the whole thing could have been out of balance. One slight might be too much, if he didn't see her as a person--just a beauty...

Scary! Lastly, I have to say there is just far, far too much raw violence and killing going on in South Africa!!! ..and they were both real natives there. :(


she wasn't allowed to leave him.

@ abe

For whatever reason..this guy is sick..shoots his girlfriend through a bathroom door four times two hours after the police was called because of a loud argument.This is a insecure coward who never deserved to have any woman much less an attractive woman.

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