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Jodi Arias is offering a vigorous defense, but Nancy Grace says there's "no way around" a conviction on murder charges for the accused Arizona killer.

Arias is being tried for the brutal slaying of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, and to hear HLN's Grace tell it, she’s fighting a losing battle and the jury won't buy it.

“There is no way around a murder conviction for Jodi,” she says.

Jodi Ann Arias Photo

“In my opinion the facts have proven Murder 1. BUT, if they feel pity for her they may give her Murder 2. I think that they will give her murder 1 though, with no death penalty.”

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Scientists say they have found the 500-year-old remains of the long-missing King Richard III of England under a parking lot in the city of Leicester.

University of Leicester researchers say tests on a battle-scarred skeleton unearthed last year prove "beyond reasonable doubt" that it is the king.

Richard III

Richard III died at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. DNA from the skeleton matches a sample taken from a distant living relative of his sister.

The last English monarch to die in battle, Richard was depicted in a play by William Shakespeare as a hunchbacked usurper who left a trail of bodies.

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With this year's Super Bowl commercials behind us, and the world still reacting to Bar Rafaeli kissing some oversized dweeb, attention now turns to the trailers that debuted during last night's big game.

Which ad left you most exicted for an upcoming blockbuster?

Was it the following look of Oz: The Great and Powerful? Or maybe the teaser below for Iron Man 3?

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How do you beef at somebody during a celebrity flag football game?

Ask Lil Wayne, who was apparently PISSED after his squad lost the DirecTV Celeb Beach Bowl Saturday in New Orleans, the rapper's hometown.

Check out this clip, which briefly shows him after the game:

"Look at me when you apologize!" Wayne yelled. For what?

Weezy said afterwards that he got heated after a camera guy touched him, saying, "I don't like being touched by other people I don't tell to touch me."

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Almost. We almost made it through the Beyonce halftime show without another lip-synching controversy.

But former NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal was in attendance at the Superdome in New Orleans and made his affection for at least one Beyonce track clear in a video that has since gone viral.

Watch the big man lip sync to the show's closing number, "Halo," below. Perhaps he should be hired as a future halftime performance...

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The Super Bowl itself ended up being pretty lights out in a different sense, but the highlight on social media was undoubtedly the 34-minute Superdome blackout.

You know what they say: When the lights go out in New Orleans, the party really starts ... to the tune of 231,500 time-killing tweets per minute in this case.

Here are some of the funniest and most timely ones, from celebs and regular folk, when half the stadium went dark inexplicably early in the third quarter:

Neil Patrick Harris Super Bowl Tweet

Neil Patrick Harris
All the lights are out!! It’s pandemonium!! Thank god we have our Beyonce finger lights!

Aziz Ansari

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Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco was shown dropping an f-bomb - excitedly - on live TV during the Ravens' celebration after their 34-31 win over the 49ers.

He did nothing wrong; Flacco's a grown man celebrating the biggest win of his life, unaware his quotes would be broadcast nationally. Blame CBS, not Joe.

It's just funny:

The reason CBS leaves mics and cameras running is that it may provide the most compelling moments from the Super Bowl champions to their audience.

Of course, they can't control what those moments will be, and sometimes, things will hit the air that they may wish hadn't. But congratulations, Joe!

In other Super Bowl XLVII video news:

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Kate Upton got all bubbly. Volkswagen told people to get happy. And some guy tried to sell a goat.

Yes, with Super Bowl XLVII now behind us, the attention can switch from San Francisco's pistol formation and Ray Lewis' irritating "last ride" to what really matters: THE COMMERCIALS!

Which car company made the best impression? What beer ad made you laugh the hardest? How hot is Danica Patrick?!?

Relive the best and worst ads now and sound off on your favorites:

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So... how did she do?

Following her controversial Inaugural performance of the national anthem, we can finally move past Beyonce Lip Sync Gate - and focus instead on the superstar's performance at today's Super Bowl XLVII halftime show.

It followed the Alicia Keys national anthem rendition and featured black leather and lace... a fiery guitar... some serious dance moves... renditions of "Crazy in Love," "End of Love" and, of course, a Destiny's Child reunion!


Grade the Beyonce halftime show performance now:


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Jennifer Hudson took to the Superdome field in New Orleans this evening, belting out "America the Beautiful" prior to Super Bowl XLVII.

But the Oscar winner didn't do it alone.

She was joined by students from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Watch the moving tribute to our great country below now, as Hudson and and those affected by December's horrific tragedy honor the United States:

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