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A gynecologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital has been accused of secretly videotaping his patients via a tiny pen camera, based on the report of an employee who witnessed this disgusting act.

According to The Associated Press, this unnamed employee told her bosses of what she saw on February 4.

levy pic

The witness claims Dr. Nikita Levy had been recording exams of his patients at a Hopkins clinic and, adding to the unusual story, was found dead in his home on February 18 of a suspected suicide.

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NBA Hall of Famer slash cross-dressing wild man Dennis Rodman is in North Korea filming a basketball documentary of some kind. That's crazy enough.

Leave it to The Worm to give us even more fodder, however.

Worm PSY

Rodman, upon arriving in the communist dictatorship, remarked that maybe he'll see the "Gangnam Style" dude (a.k.a. PSY) while he's there.


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It has come to this for Seth MacFarlane: his performance as host of the 2013 Academy Awards was so terrible, it's caused Lena Dunham to actually come out against boobs.

After Anne Hathaway received some flak for her Oscars acceptance speech and wardrobe this week, the Girls star came out in defense of this talented actress, Tweeting:

"Ladies: Anne Hathaway is a feminist and she has amazing teeth. Let's save our bad attitudes for the ones who aren't advancing the cause."

And these anti-feminists aren't always women, Dunham added. Case in point, she wrote. I saw your boobs, the anthem MacFarlane sang in a pre-recorded bit at the Oscars. Watch it again here:

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This girl is either crazy like a fox or just full-on crazy at this point.

Lindsay Lohan has rejected a plea deal that would have kept her out of jail in her lying-to-cops case, opting to take her chances at trial. Why, you ask?

Because she's totes innocent and doesn't have a problem, OBVI!

Lindsay Lohan's Teeth

Her lawyer, Mark Heller, has been trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat this week, and was close to a deal with Santa Monica and L.A. City prosecutors.

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She may put the bang in The Big Bang Theory, but Kaley Cuoco put the burn to her bosses at CBS last night.

Here's why:

Kaley Cuoco Photograph

CBS, ABC, Fox and NBC are locked in a legal battle with Dish over that company's Hopper, whose "Auto Hop" feature allows one to view recorded shows without commercials.

Not just fast-forwarding commercials, mind you. But skipping over them entirely.

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A hilarious viral video making the online rounds shows a hotel guest sneaking out to the hallway to dispose of a dirty room service tray, only to find himself locked out.

Buck ass naked.

The nude dude then awkwardly tries to avoid other guests and hides his junk with dirty dishes as he heads down to the lobby to ask the staff for a new key.

This has to be a hoax, right? A few things don't add up here:

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Ed Sheeran is best known for his smash hit "The A Team."

But did Taylor Swift include this young British artist on her O-Face Team this week?

  • Ed Sheeran Picture
  • Taylor Swift on the Street

That's the rumor being spread by E! News, as a source tells that outlet Sheeran arrived at Swift's hotel the night before this year's Brit Awards, took off straight for that singer's room and stayed there, "just the two of them, until around 4 a.m."

So? No big deal, right? Perhaps the two were just chatting or watching movies?

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Kate Gosselin is speaking out against rumors that her kids were traumatized by their stint on Celebrity Wife Swap - or that she slammed Kendra Wilkinson.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star and Kendra star traded places Tuesday night, setting a ratings record but receiving considerable flak as well.

At least in Kate Gosselin's case. No surprise there.

Certain comments she made appeared unnecessarily critical of K-Dubs, while rumors started flying that her kids hated the experience and were traumatized.

How does she respond to those allegations?

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And then there were 15.

American Idol narrowed down its Season 12 field some more last night, as 10 women sang for five spots.

In the end, half were eliminated and we were left with the 10 total female semifinalists - a quintet from last Wednesday mixed with these  Sudden Death survivors - who will battle it out next week on the first live shows of the season.

Follow all that? Let's just move on to the ladies who will be moving on, shall we?

Scroll down for their identities, for the song that helped them advance and, of course, to debate their merits as Season 12 semifinalists...

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The hardest thing about separating the cookie from the cream in your Oreos?

Learning how to build robots and make them function to complete said task.

Also, keeping warm. Hands and cookies do get cold out there in the garage.

Nothing is worth doing if it's not done right, though, and physicist David Neevel decided he just had to make an Oreo Separator machine (or OSM) to do the job.

NOTE: This is a viral ad sponsored by Oreo. But it's still pretty funny, right?

NOTE: This chocolate chip cookie recipe is also good. Change of pace!