Mindy McCready Suicide Prevention Video: "I'll See You Yesterday" Takes on New Meaning

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Mindy McCready's last song, "I'll See You Yesterday," contained a strong suicide prevention message and was dedicated to her late boyfriend David Wilson.

Obviously, it's taken on a whole new tragic meaning now.

As she sings "I'll See You Yesterday," a photo of a rural scene transitions to pictures of McCready and Wilson, followed by contact info for suicideispreventable.org.

It had been intended to be used as a PSA.

"She told me it was beautiful, it made her cry and was exactly what she wanted," says Dan "Danno" Hanks, a private investigator friend who produced the video.

"I asked her if I could post it and Mindy's answer was, 'You'll know when it's right.' In hindsight, she was having me produce her suicide video."

Hanks posted the video online after police found Mindy McCready dead on the porch of her Arkansas home after apparently shooting herself.

Last month, police found David Wilson dead in the very same house, by the same means. He is believed to have taken his own life, as did Mindy.

The song, written by McCready pal Courtney Dashe and co-writer Jason Walker, is about remembering the good in relationships that had gone sour.

"We know she has been through a lot and the song clearly resonated with her," says Dashe, who watched McCready cry after hearing the song.

"[Danno] said the song had been really helping her cope with the loss."

McCready, who shot her dog as well, had been battling drug use and depression in the 36 days in between her death and Wilson's - and for years prior.


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This was an extremely touching article, my compliments to its author. However, I do ask, what is the significance or noteworthiness or even newsworthiness of the issue of her shooting her dog? My oppinion: it diminished the humanistic value of it to a destructive level. The issue of suicide prevention and the sadness of anyone's loss in such circumstances is a relevant aspect that we all should take notice of. We should all take precautions to recognize the symptoms of potential suicide, not only n others, but ourselves as well. The message above shows that she planned this. Other articles show that her friends and family, in their attempts to prevent her suicide may actually have pushed her over the edge. The truth is that current idealology in prevention is in fact more often negative than positive. The above example is extrodinarily visual to that effect. Rather than epitomize the dog, who also wouldn't have suffered had prevention techniques been better, lets visualize the failures of what happened and seek to remedy future possibilities of suicide or at least recognize that prevention is impossible and we are as powerless and blameless in suicide as we are in other kindred issues of life.

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