Matt Lauer: On Vacation, In Trouble?

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Where in the world is Matt Lauer?

It's a question The Today Show has asked for years, but the answer this week has created even more controversy around NBC.

TMZ has learned that Lauer is on vacation with his family in Vail, a seemingly innocuous luxury, except for two facts:

Matt Lauer Today Pic
  1. It is February Sweeps, the television period where ratings truly translate into advertising dollars.
  2. With Robin Roberts returning yesterday to Good Morning America, you would think Today would want its lead anchor in place to go up against such stiff competition.

But NBC insiders say Lauer "took this exact same week off last year and the year before" because his kids are on school break "and other anchors have taken off in Sweeps months before."

We have no doubt that's all true.

Still, GMA is destroying Today in the ratings and we can see this trip simply increasing the abundance of Matt Lauer fired rumors.

John conners

Damn I wish I would have seen "Nose' Lauer at Vail, I would have crashed the douche bag. I would have jacked him up good. What a loser. The sooner he is gone from Today the better. NBC - Nothin Butt Clowns


Ann Curry made my mornings and I miss her terribly from the NBC Today Show. I used to watch this show religiously. I viewed them as a family and once the family got "broken" it was like watching a nasty divorce sort of speak. The show was never the same after Ann Curry was removed from the co-anchor position. I get the nice fuzzy feeling of family at GMA now. So nice they way they have treated Robin Roberts in her absence from the show. NBC could learn from them perhaps.


Matt took his vacation same time last year. Maybe the big baby will stay there. Tired of Al, Savannah reminds me of mary poppins and natalie reminds me of a fruit fly. Needless to say I quit watching years ago.


I can't believe the Today Show producers allow their hosts like Al Roker to make comments on air that undermines not only other hosts but the show itself. No one wants to listen to the squabbles that occur behind the scenes. No wonder the ratings are down. I'm sure Ann Curry's departure was determined by executives of the show, not Matt Lauer, he doesn't exude that much power. Maybe Al should stick to the weather.


the higher you climb...............the harder you fall.
anyway: why not winterpark? this is more fun for kids.

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