Lindsay Lohan Plea Bargain: REJECTED By Moron!

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This girl is either crazy like a fox or just full-on crazy at this point.

Lindsay Lohan has rejected a plea deal that would have kept her out of jail in her lying-to-cops case, opting to take her chances at trial. Why, you ask?

Because she's totes innocent and doesn't have a problem, OBVI!

Lindsay Lohan's Teeth

Her lawyer, Mark Heller, has been trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat this week, and was close to a deal with Santa Monica and L.A. City prosecutors.

They insisted that the actress accept a significant amount of time in a residential rehab facility - and NO JAIL TIME - but Heller still wasn't having it.

Prosecutors even bent a little and offered somewhere around 30 days rather than the 60 they initially wanted her to be in rehab, still Heller didn't accept.

The deal fell through, however TMZ sources say "negotiations are ongoing."

As expected, Lohan and Heller are reportedly not on the same place here.

He's willing to accept a deal that involves counseling and rehab, even BS'ing that she would undergo extensive psychotherapy and set up a youth foundation.

To Lindsay, though, this is all just "punishment for something I didn't do."

Always in denial, never taking responsibility. Not that we're surprised, but Heller said earlier this week that she had finally seen the error of her ways.

Guess that's what happens when you try to speak for Lindsay Lohan.

In the end, prosecutors aren't worried if they can't strike a plea bargain, because they like their chances if it comes down to trial, beginning March 18.

Lohan is charged with lying to police regarding her June car crash, and for violating her probation as a result. Both aspects could land her in a jail cell.

Take the plea deal and go to rehab, girl. For your own legal sake as well as your life expectancy and that of anyone who happens to live near you.

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There a saying GIVE HER A ENOUGH ROPE AND SHE'LL HANG HERSELF. Just how stupid is the cracken VERY
Linnocest for gets the tow truck driver smelled alcohol on her and other people saw her driving. Brain dead twat goodbye

@ mrs j

So agree. Its sad too. She was a great actress but I think with parents like hers, she didnt have a chance. So sad!!