Lindsay Lohan: FINED For Skipping Deposition

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The legal beating just keeps on coming for Lindsay Lohan.

A judge overseeing a civil lawsuit that was filed against the actress by a photographer fined her $1,000 for failure to appear at a deposition, reports say.

Lindsay Lohan: HOT in Court!

Hilariously, the fine was handed down one day after her attorney asked for a continuance in the actress' unrelated probation violation case. Why?

So she can “demonstrate her worthiness for compassion and mercy by using her present and future actions to set a glorious example,” he wrote.

All together now: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO.

In the case of the photographer, Grigor Baylan, he filed a civil lawsuit against Lohan, Paola Demara and Tri Star Sports Entertainment, citing injury.

He claims he was hurt when a car that the actress was riding in hit him in 2010. His attorney tried to set a deposition for Lohan, but was told she was unavailable.

Just too busy partying, no doubt.

Judge Ronald Sohigian fined her $1,000 and put her on notice Tuesday, formally ordering her to be deposed on April 8 at the law office of the photographer.

The judge also told Lohan’s attorney that if her wayward client continued to play games with the court then the fines next time would be “much more significant.”

Lindsay’s civil attorney, Julia Azrael, is already trying to formally dump her as a client because she “has been unable to communicate” with the actress.

Basically she has no idea where Lohan is.

Meanwhile, her criminal defense lawyer, Mark Heller, somehow wants her lying to cops case thrown out because she wasn't read her Miranda rights.

Which you don't need to be read by cops asking questions about a car crash, or if you aren't being arrested, which she wasn't at the time. So it goes ...

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I have not read one word about the person that was driving her car when it crashed. If Lohan is thought to be not telling the truth the the other person in the car is also not telling the truth. I must have missed that half of rhe story but I would press for the truth by both people in the car.


For goodness sake, just jail her already.


is there something she isn't fined for?