Kristen Stewart Signs on for The Big Shoe

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Kristen Stewart has signed on for her next movie role.

According to Deadline, the actress will come on board The Big Shoe, costarring with such big names as Elizabeth Banks and Jim Sturgess in a film about a shoe designer (Sturgess) whose family wants to turn his designs into mass-produced knock-offs.

Kristin Stewart

The family will hire a psychotherapist named Mary Kay (Banks), while Stewart portrays the woman/muse who lures the main character back to work.

No production date or release date has been announced yet.

Elsewhere, have you voted for Kristen and Robert Pattinson in the Tournament of THG Finals yet?!?


I am going with Kristen...She can make the Big Shoe work. It can't go wrong with such a great cast. It is a shame Rob's films don't seem to make the cut even though there are GREAT actors in his films. The WOW is gone since he left Kristen. It will be a long time before he gets the hang of picking whats right. Kristen just has it end of story Leah

Mia tetangco

"The Big Shoe" sounds interesting. Hope they do it right.


I am cika from Indonesia. I really love Kristen, she is the best actress current time. She has low profille although she is including one of the richer actress hollywood, she is naturall and beautiful not only those she has good action in each her films which almost are popular films in market. And i am happy seeing her relathion with Robert P although she ever been cheater but i can understand that she is too much young ,my opinion she done it because ruper taken her position as employee (weak situation) using his power influenced but actually kristen didn't like and love rupert !!!


I like Kristen Stewart, she is down to earth, modest, beautiful girl and a good actress (don't think only at Twilight). I am happy for her and will go to see this movie!


Sleeping with her director that's the only way Kristen can get jobs...lets face it...she can't act worth shit...and her facial expressions are Always the same she's pathetic!

@ Jenny

another Movie with a dead faced actor

@ Jenny

You're the one who is pathetic! And making comments and conclusions with no proof to back it up. Kristen will continue to make amazing movies and have people who love her for who she is - real not fake, down to earth, fiercely honest and loving, smart, witty, passionate with her craft, embraces her fears and use them to make her stronger, and courageous. Her millions of fans are excited to see her expand her horizon not only as an actor which she already is great at, but also as a human being as she journeys through life, and boy! what a life she will have! I pray that she continues to have this curiosity and passion about life and live it to the fullest. Can't wait to see TBS and all her projects.


Stewart isn't well liked from people over 20 , she did the one thing she shouldn't have done , going after a married man, if you think its no big deal I feel sorry for you. Stewart lost all my respect.She is a s fake as a human can be

@ Jenny

i reallly look up to kristen and everyone makes mistakes because noone is purfect, some of us judge without even knowing the whole story..

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