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She's in crutches for crying out loud. To those who tweeted about her, well, who the hell are they?! I haven't heard of them until they tweeted Stewart's name.


I think she may have Aspergers, the awkwardness, not looking into eyes, or the camera, and not finishing a sentence or thought. Yes, she should have outgrown this awkward stage by now. It's not becoming on a young lady. Her dress was beautiful, but her not brushing her hair is also an Aspie sign, too and going against the normal social cues. In previous award shows, she showed up in short dresses and sneakers. Needless to say, I am a Twihard fan.

@ BHPen

Well said.

And as the article says "If she hates the spotlight so much, she might want to turn down these sorts of opportunities going forward"

She needs to show respect to everyone, and doing that kind of... appearances it's not good for her


she was embarrassing. i really don't like her at all. they should have booed her.

@ christieo

They should have booed her for what? Booed her for providing Hollywood roughly 4 billion income in just 4 years?..., or they should have booed her because she got Robert Pattinson and worn Bella Swan's engagement ring during the ceremony?


Your last line says it all, why doesn't she turn down these opportunities if they make her so anxious. She is cringe worthy awkward..
She's an actress, can't she "act" like a confident self-assured actress for 10 minutes??
I really think that Daniel should have offered her an arm while she limped up to the microphone. She was on crutches on the red carpet so the foot must hurt.

@ Toni

Daniel didn't offered his arm... that suprise me too, but probably he thought that if she doesn't seem like a lady, maybe she doesn't expect a gentleman
If that really hurt, use the crutches.
If don't: be a proffesional and ACT like it doesnt hurt.


Kristen's little awkward act is getting old. She's probably won more Razzies than LiLo, so why was she even invited to the Oscars?!

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