Kristen Stewart Presents at Oscars, Viewers Wonder: WTH?!?

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Kristen Stewart stepped on a piece of glass recently and limped on to the Academy Awards stage last night alongside fellow presented Daniel Radcliffe.

But that was only the beginning of the actress' strange night.

Looking at tad disheveled and very disinterested (and looking down while smirking a couple times), Kristen's performance had folks wondering if she had borrowed from the stash of Justin Bieber prior to the show.

From her hair to her awkwardness, Stewart was the subject of various concerned/humorous/confused Tweets from a handful of celebrities. To wit:

Joel McHale: Kristen Stewart is limping because she sprained her ankle from being excessively disinterested. #OscarsWithJoel

Sarah Silverman: Is Kristen Stewart fundamentally against brushes?

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Kristen Stewart just get shoved into a dress and pushed onstage after being screamed at: JUST DO IT! #Oscars2013

Poor K. Stew. If she hates the spotlight so much, she might want to turn down these sorts of opportunities going forward.

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Do people have to make such a big thing out of this girl all the time? It's almost like buzzards circling around. Guess you just want to jump on the band wagon because that is what everyone else does.


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I got a sore on my lip just looking at her - she's like a human petri dish for viruses to grow on. Scary woman.


why ask this woman to present? she has the personality of a slug, could not be more disinterested and brings the whole vibe down... very disrespectful.


Good God, will you people let up on Kristen Stewart. All those people at the Oscars who looked like utter toads, and this poor girl is once again targeted. She does not have Aspergers for crying out loud an she is not a druggie. GIve it a rest. Stop picking on her. You are all on a witch hunt with this kid. I am quite certain she appears uncomfortable due to all the bullying from the media and posters who want like to spread hate behind a screen where no one can see them. I have been bullied in my life. It reduces a person's confidence.

@ Glow

You took the words right outta my mouth Glow!


Im not a fan of Kristen Stewart but I did think she looked beautiful last night...but she did act high and her hair looked greasy and dirty and it wasn't brushed but I still, think she looked gorgeous


I think she looked fairly normal.. Maybe on medication but she sorta had that look of she just had a seriously hot make-out session.. I mean look at her hair.


Prob thinking wow a vampier standing next to a wizard


I think she was a wonderful Bella, and proved herself by the Breaking Dawn Part 2, that she could transistion from the awkward shy Bella into the Vampire. She has also been really good in some other roles as well. But in person, she is so intensely uncomfortable, it is painful to watch. I hate seeing her interviewed because I want to sweep in and save her. If only she could own up to how attractive she really is, and be open and happy like Jennifer Lawrence, it would be amazing. But altogether, I feel badly for her, and wish she could be helped.


She clearly was on medication for the pain in her ankle. Sad to say that she did look awful and presented herself badly.