Kristen Stewart Presents at Oscars, Viewers Wonder: WTH?!?

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Kristen Stewart stepped on a piece of glass recently and limped on to the Academy Awards stage last night alongside fellow presented Daniel Radcliffe.

But that was only the beginning of the actress' strange night.

Looking at tad disheveled and very disinterested (and looking down while smirking a couple times), Kristen's performance had folks wondering if she had borrowed from the stash of Justin Bieber prior to the show.

From her hair to her awkwardness, Stewart was the subject of various concerned/humorous/confused Tweets from a handful of celebrities. To wit:

Joel McHale: Kristen Stewart is limping because she sprained her ankle from being excessively disinterested. #OscarsWithJoel

Sarah Silverman: Is Kristen Stewart fundamentally against brushes?

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Kristen Stewart just get shoved into a dress and pushed onstage after being screamed at: JUST DO IT! #Oscars2013

Poor K. Stew. If she hates the spotlight so much, she might want to turn down these sorts of opportunities going forward.


If she was 'high' it was prolly medicinal. Medical Marijuana is legal in California where the Oscars is held.


That's her normal self- she looks stoned all the time - on cam and off-cam


Kristen is definitely a trooper. Imagine, having to put up will all these hateful, jealous and "perfect" people. I think, she looked beautiful. I bet these haters would not even look an inch close, to how beautiful she was that night..."stoned" or not stoned. How pitiful some people are, because they live with such hate, jealousy and disrespect.




I watched her presentation. She arrived @ the Red Carpet on Crutches. She was the one that announced all of the nominees. It was pretty brave of her to come out in heels, hobbling on stage. She went right back to her crutches when she got off stage. Only people that want to think bad things about her would say that she was stoned.


Guys, she was on pain meds because of her injury. WHO CARES IF SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE WAS STONED? It's none of your business! The people who write these articles really need to get a life. Same with the ones about Jennifer Lawrence tripping on the stairs - just get over it! Her dress was really long and the stairs were probably waxed. How would you like it if the media attacked you with every little thing you did wrong? They're just actors, you have no right to invade their privacy and make their mistakes into huge deals.

@ peyton

Tripping over something is hardly a mistake in itself. Its the lack of attention to walking that's a mistake. All in all its just a common accident and everybody does it. Practiced grace isn't taught anymore. Being on stage in front of people you respect and have to work with can take your mind off basic simple tasks like walking and cause loss of emotional control. The trick is making whatever you do look like an accident when its not and on purpose when you didn't mean to do it. Another trick is DON'T. PANICK!


She looked beautiful considering how much pain she was probably was in. It took a lot for her to still go through with her commitment, but she did it with strength, dignity and beauty!


Her time to be a human is over, she was born to be a vampire. And that's truly how she acts, like one of the living dead. Her issues last night probably came from the meds she is taking for the cut on her foot, the fact that no one had taken her under their wing and given het lessons on her stage presence (please hurry, she needs it bad), and the fact that the farce of a relationship is truly over as we all expected. Robstein is done. Now maybe they can go their separate ways and she'll have a reason to smile. Having to pretend when you're really hurting inside for the sake of a movie and the execs is tough. Move on girl and in the future, try to be faithful to your next main man and stay away from falling for your co-star or the Director


Maybe she is trying to be like everyone else. I may find her boring. But, what right do I have to judge her?


She totally looked wasted to me. Not a very good looking chic in the least. She was a hot mess, & that hair!!!!!!!!! UGH>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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