Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Annul Us!

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Like a power forward who finds his way down to the post and gains solid position on his opponent... Kris Humphries is not budging.

Despite Kim Kardashian divorce demands and complaints now actually involving her unborn child - Kim says stress from Kris is threatening the fetus - a source tells People that Humphries has not changed his stance.

Lonely Kris Humphries

"Kris only wants an annulment," an insider tells the magazibe. "He never wanted to be married more than once and he feels like she cheated him out of the chance to have a real, loving marriage."

Indeed, Humphries continues to insist that the "entire marriage was a fraud" and, no, he doesn't care about the Kim Kardashian baby on the way.

"He feels that even if she's pregnant, she still has to deal with the mess she made," the source says.

Kardashian is due in July and is urging a judge to begin a divorce trial as soon as possible. She insists, of course, that she never defrauded Humphries in any way.

"I wish this issue to be tried immediately so that this false claim can be put to rest and I can move on with my life," Kim wrote in papers filed last month with the Los Angeles Superior Court.


Wow!!! Kim reallllllllllly dodged a bullet with this freak, her divorce may be taking longer than he wold like but goodness gracious she did not have kids by this mongrel, can you imagine a divorce with a kid involved, he is a malicious, bitter, crazy fool, look at what he did to that girl he was seeing after Kim and it got out, just so he could keep his case in tact he tried to destry her and called the FBI on her and accused her of running a brothel at the hotel, what type of man does this? Kim you will get your divorce eventually, but girl, thank goodness you saw the light, what and idiot.

@ Jessica

Jessica I totally agree with you Kris is a douche in the worst way. Kim will eventually get her divorce and I'm sure she will be so happy to finally get rid of stupid.

@ Jessica

All the more reason to give Kris whatever he is asking for. And really, legally, HO HO's baby is his, which is why HO HO wants the divorce before the baby is born. Hope she keeps fighting him and Kris gets awarded sole custody.

@ Sierra

Just because a child is born in wedlock doesn't make it th husband's child or his responsibility. If Kim is pregnant with another man's child while married she is guilty of infidelity which negates all that. Infidelity is grounds for divorce by itself, let alone all the other crap. While still legally married, although separated,she is still obligated under the marriage contract. Infidelity voids the contact and the proof is public.


She is soooo full of shit! There is nothing wrong with her. Fat ass could fall off a gay boy's dick and not hurt the " BABY " She is carrying. Just if Kris want he wants. A annulment. You married him for ratings. No talent whore go away please


I don't blame him....everything the KarKashians do is for publicity. She made millions off of that mock wedding. Just annul it and be over with it. No one cares!!!!!


I love this dude_Glad to see a man have a backbone and not intimidated by the Kardashians


people who think he has a vagina insead of a penis are proberbly right.

@ abe

i can't stand him,,he needs to go away,,he acts like he was the model husband,,,if it barks like a dog,,it is a dog,,,

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